Well, we thought we were going to be able to welcome all of you back inside for restaurant dining last month, but the kibosh was put on that. But while we continue to wait for indoor dining to return, make no mistake about it, this season has been great for golf! The weather has been hot at times, but what summer isn’t hot? Plenty of dry days have kept us forging ahead and we are looking forward to an even better August. Golf. Outdoor dining. Golf again. What’s not to be excited about?!


Summer events are in full swing! This month we have Ladies Member-Guest at AC Country Club, the Ryder Cup at Scotland Run, Member-Member ChaChaCha at Ballamor, plus much more! 

And as a reminder, below is the full list of upcoming scheduled events. Please call the golf shop to sign up for any event.


The Men's Member-Guest has come and gone, and what a fantastic event it was! The weather was absolutely beautiful, and although we had to make a few changes to be more COVID friendly, the end result was a great time for all. One change that worked very well was sending groups out with tee times on both #1 and #10. It definitely helped keep the pace of play moving. Sometimes you just get lucky!

But without further ado, a BIG THANK YOU to all of this year's participants, and of course, congratulations to the flight winners and the shootout winners! The turn out speaks volumes to how well the event is received. We hope that it also reflects how important your membership is to us as well.

Congratulations to the 2020 Member-Guest Tournament Shootout winners, member Billy Watts and guest Bryan Shirley.


Atlantic Ave Flight - member Frank Rich & guest Frank Rich Jr
Ventnor Ave Flight – member Peter Martin & guest Ken Kitnick
Marvin Gardens Flight – member Dom Frederico & guest Kevin Frayne
Water Works Flight – member Tom Evans & guest Al Jewitt
Reading Railroad Flight – member Billy Watts & guest Bryan Shirley
New York Ave Flight – member Leo Parsons & guest Connor Flynn
Tennessee Flight – member Rich Miller & guest Dave Miller
St James Flight – member Frank Frederico & guest Matt Lerman
States Ave Flight – member Steve Mortelliti & guest Alex Clark
St Charles Flight – member Ken Condon & guest Kenny Condon
Boardwalk Flight – member Brian Tidwell & guest Mike Foster
Park Place Flight – member Rocco Santoro & guest PJ Tighe

The Flight winners competing in the Member-Guest Shootout to crown a champion.


Besides the Member Guest, we also had a few other events in July. The Member-Member Better Ball at Scotland Run on July 10 was canceled. I’m sure you recall the literal five inches of rain we had that day! But we did have the Member-Member 2-Man Scramble at Scotland Run and the Sadie Hawkins Scramble at Atlantic City.

Congratulations to Scott Clark and Bmack (Bill McCormack) for winning Low Fross in the Member-Member 2-Man Scramble at Scotland Run GC, finishing with a 62 (-9)!

Congratulations to the Eckert Brothers, Tom and Tim, for winning Low Net in the Member-Member 2-Man Scramble at Scotland Run GC, finishing with gross of 63, net 62 (-9)!

Congratulations to Sarah Grazer and Chuck Petronis for winning the Sadie Hawkins at Atlantic City CC



Please welcome all of our new members who have joined us over the last month. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in the member events!


Congratulations to Andy Monfried for his ace on #12 at Atlantic City CC on July 24!

This one isn’t so much for a member, but it's a guest competing in the Member Guest event. Congratulations to Chip Gallagher, guest of member Jeff Steigerwalt for acing #8 right in competition!



As we persevere through the hot summer months, it’s common for people to ask me, ”When is the best time to water my lawn?” My typical advice is to water at night, heavily but infrequently. However, for numerous reasons, we don’t irrigate the golf course in the same way. Heavy, infrequent watering would result in a very wet course, and we try to keep the course as firm as possible, plus low mowing heights and traffic from carts doesn’t allow for this method. 

Also, I’d like to note that when it comes to golf courses, we superintendents want the grass irritated at all times, not comfortable. If the grass is irritated, the course is usually in the condition we want it. We do the bulk of our watering at night, so it soaks into the root zone. But on hot days we will “syringe” the grass. I’m not sure where the term syringe comes from, but you have probably seen sprinklers flying on the course in the afternoon like the Bellagio. We don’t do this because the grass needs water, but rather to cool the canopy temperature to allow the grass to stay “somewhat” comfortable. In most cases we turn the irrigation on for 2-3 minutes which is just enough to cool things down. To put this in a human perspective, we water at night because we are thirsty and we water during the day because we are hot. 

- Mark Beaumont, Superintendent Atlantic City CC


Speaking of watering, irrigation is a vital part of the golf course, it is our life line to keep grass alive during the hot summer months. If you have played golf at any of our facilities you have seen the grounds staff watering with hoses or the irrigations heads on at some point during your round. We know we are in the way and playing golf right after grass has been watered is not the best playing conditions, but we are trying our best to keep the course alive. As the course ages, so does the irrigation system. Every golf course experiences irrigation breaks, some small and some large and of course the worst time for that is right in the middle of the heat. Irrigation is not just limited to pipe and water, but electricity as well. Electrical issues are not as bad as broken pipe, but they are still a headache and something we always must be ready for after any thunderstorm. 

Hopefully, we don’t see any major irrigation breaks or electrical issues the rest of this season. Pictured are some issues from earlier this season at Scotland Run GC. We had a mainline break after our power wire was struck by lightning. Finger crossed that will be it for this season! 

- Jeff England, Superintendent Scotland Run GC


I’ve been getting a lot of questions recently about the wasps in a few of the sand traps. What we see here every summer in the bunkers are called Cicada Killer Wasps. While I realize their name sounds pretty scary, these are virtually harmless. The males do not have a stinger and the females will only sting if they are grasped by your fist or if you step on them with no shoes on. They prefer sandy soil to make their nests, and the sand traps provide a perfect environment for them. 

On another topic, we’ve had a lot of rain recently, and when you add the prolonged heat that we have had to that it makes for a very challenging summer. You can help us by continuing to fix ball marks, fill divots with the sand provided on your cart and by following all cart restrictions and cart directional signs. Wear your sunscreen and drink plenty of water, and we’ll see you out on the course! 

- Scott Rose, Superintendent Ballamor GC


We have obtained tents to be able to accommodate outdoor parties/events. So keep us in mind for any summer or fall gatherings you are thinking about.  We will handle everything from start to finish so you can safely enjoy gathering with your family and friends.

The Taproom Bar & Grille and Highlander Pub & Grill continue to be popular choices for members and non-members alike. As we said last month, we promise to be able to accommodate you as long as you call ahead for a reservation. Our summer lunch and dinner menus are in full swing, plus many other specials!


Wild Atlantic Salmon pan seared with spinach and parmesan risotto in citrus beurre blanc

Surf & Turf night every Wednesday from 4pm with a new menu starting at $29.95.

Sunday Brunch every Sunday from 10am-2pm with à la carte offerings like Bananas Foster French Toast and Sirloin Steak & Eggs.

Plus we have added several new items to our daily lunch and dinner menus!

Live Entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening.


Seafood Risotto shrimp, scallops and a jumbo lump crab cake over a corn and crab risotto

Sunday Brunch is now Sunday Breakfast from 10am-2pm. The buffet is not being offered, but similar to the Taproom Bar & Grille, we are offering breakfast options à la carte including Chicken & Waffles and Crab Eggs Benedicts

Plus we have added several new items to our daily lunch and dinner menus!

Live Entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening


Angie's Eggplant Rollatini thinly baked eggplant with ricotta cheese, spinach, marinara sauce & served with a side of rigatoni

Fantastic Italian offerings including the staples Chicken Parmesan and Eggplant Lasagna plus, made-from-scratch Meatballs, Bolognese Sauce, and let’s not forget the incredible Tomato Stack!

Feel free to take it to-go! Offering take-out, curbside pickup and outdoor dining, every Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the menu and call 609-365-8260 to order.

Members, don’t forget you also receive 15% OFF your order when you charge to your account!

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