August Newsletter


I can hardly believe it is August already! I wanted to thank everyone again for adjusting to our updated tee time policies. Especially for being more diligent and canceling any bookings with as much notice as possible. It really makes a difference and allows everyone more access to our courses.

It has been a challenge adjusting to the uptick in membership, but also so rewarding to watch it evolve. That is a credit to all of you respecting each other’s experience. We are all in this together and I thank you for embracing that philosophy.

Any ideas or input is not only welcomed, but encouraged. I believe what separates us from the rest is our ability to listen and adjust to the pulse of you as members. Even this newsletter has changed based on member feedback. Any good stories or accomplishments occurring at any of the clubs, let us know. We want this to become a tool for us to share, laugh, brag and simply enjoy one another.

Of course, the big question everyone is wondering, is what will membership look like in 2022 and beyond? And the honest answer is we don’t know. What we do know is we won’t make any decisions without hearing your opinions. What do you really want as members? As we roll into the fall, we will be sending out options for membership and what level of commitment those options will take. We want you to be a part of the future of Ottinger Golf and need your voices to help shape that.

But in the meantime, thank you again and let’s keep the good times rolling in August!

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


The Atlantic City CC Member-Guest was AWESOME! A huge shoutout to everyone involved including the members and the staff who put in some very long days. The event went off without a hitch, the food was fantastic and we couldn’t have had a better three days of weather.

What a finish it was to the Tournament of Champions Shootout. Long putt holed on 17 for birdie followed by heartbreak on 18 with a short putt missed. So without further ado, congratulations are in order for the Flight Winners and of course the overall Shootout Winners.

Atlantic City CC Member-Guest 

Congratulations to Dr. David Rayfield and his uest Fred Dalzell for winning the 2021 Member-Guest Tournament of Champions.

One last big shoutout to the staff. They did a fantastic job, put in some loing hours and looked damn good doing it!

Boardwalk: Rocco Santoro & Guest PJ Tighe
Park Place: Mike Torrissi Jr & Guest Jordan Petrill
New York Ave: David Rayfield & Guest Fred Dalzell
Tennessee Ave: Steve Mortelliti & Guest Alex Clark
St James Place: Vinny Dalessandro & Guest Rick Mairone
Illinos Ave: Joe Troilio & Guest Laurent Dionot
Reading Railroad: Jim Mullins & Guest Chris Breunig
Kentucky Ave: Mike Torrissi Sr & Guest Rusty Lucca
Pennsylvania Ave: Chris Deery & Guest Jeremy Mandell
Ventnor Ave: Lester Bailey & Guest Ralph Leporace
Marvin Gardens: Mike Rush & Guest Chris Methven
Atlantic Ave: Dan Morad & Guest Mike Engle


Congratulations to our Women’s Inner Club at Atlantic City CC. Atlantic CC 1 went 2-1 and Atlantic City CC 2 went 3-0!

Upcoming Member-Guest Events

In other event news, our King & Queen chapter III was rained out in July, but don’t worry, we have another one scheduled on Wednesday, August 25 so the Glick’s can hold onto their title for another few weeks.

August is also Club Championship month. Make sure you sign up at either Scotland Run GC or Atlantic City CC for this year’s Club Championship and don’t let the name intimidate you. This event is for everyone. We have several different flights to allow for everyone to play. We group golfers of similar handicap together so 5’s are with 6’s and 18’s are with 20’s. This is just a great experience of playing in a true stroke play event where you play 100% by the rules, hole out every putt and play everything as it lies. If nothing else, the Club Championship proves that most of us aren’t holing out every putt every time we play, so don’t expect to shoot what you just shot last Saturday!

Ladies Member-Guest | Atlantic City CC 
Thursday, August 19

1-Day Member-Guest | Atlantic City CC 
Sunday, September 19

1.5-Day Member-Guest | Scotland Run GC
Thursday, October 7 - Friday, October 8 (Thursday Night Optional)



Hurricane Elsa bearing down on Atlantic City CC. That line of clouds was pretty cool to see!​

They say in our business, “Anyone can grow grass, but it takes a professional after the 4th of July.” I will say that it does get difficult when the humidity and the heat comes in July and August. Fortunately (at least as of this writing), the summer has been fairly agreeable. But it has not been without some issues in maintaining good course conditions. The best example (issues) for us here at ACCC has been our new 13th tee.

This past spring we rebuilt the white and blue tees on #13. All was well with the tee, until Elsa came up the coast. The remnants of that hurricane brought us about 3 inches of rain. It was followed by high humidity and some heat. Unfortunately, our new tees did not care for that.

To work on remedying the situation we immediately closed the tee to save from foot traffic. Then we raised the mowing height to give the plant more leaf blade to use in photosynthesis. After that we trimmed up behind the tee to increase air movement. We then applied all of our “magic” fertilizers and “snake oils” to the tee in hope of a quick recovery. Well, it has not quite fully recovered as I write this, but I do believe it is on the mend. Until it fully recovers, we will intermittently use the tee. Once fall comes and we can aerify, that tee will bounce back better than me after a double bogey!

As homeowners with your own yards to care for, I thought it was good to share some struggles we go through to give you some insight that might help you next time that ugly patch of grass pops up at home!

Mark Beaumont – Superintendent Atlantic City CC



The greenside bunker on #18 with the sod stripped.

And of course the finished product with beautiful, clean bunker edges!

If you’ve played Ballamor over the last few weeks, you may have noticed that we’ve been doing some work on the large bunker near #18 green. All the grass around the bunker was removed and replaced with new Zoysia sod. Zoysia is a warm-season grass that you would typically see further south than New Jersey. However, it is becoming an increasingly popular choice among superintendents in areas that stay hot and humid all summer long.

While most of the grasses on the golf course begin to struggle when the temperature starts to climb to 90 degrees, the Zoysia will thrive in the heat and humidity. It is a very strong grass that once established, does not require a lot of water or fertilizer and typically grows a little bit slower than other grasses, aka, less mowing.

Please help us keep the brand new bunker edge healthy by entering and exiting the bunker at the low points and not climbing out of the steepest part of the bunker. Lastly, I’d like to thank my team for the job they did on this project. It was a ton of work in certainly less than ideal conditions, but they came through again like they always do. If you see the guys out on the course, thank them for their hard work and dedication. I couldn’t do it without them!

Scott Rose – Superintendent Ballamor GC


Assistant Superintendent Jim McGuire hand watering at sunrise.

Days are getting shorter! I know as a golfer that is not what you want to hear, but the course loves the shorter days and cooler temps and with the cooler temps arriving next month, that means it’s time to aerify. I know you hate to hear us say those words and I think we have drummed it into your heads plenty as to why it must be done, but I believe the changes we have made to our aerification process the last few years has led to a much better product for us this summer. As a superintendent, that gets me excited to do it all over again as I know it’s only going to continue to strengthen the golf course for you to enjoy.

We are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, August 30-31, weather permitting. Hopefully with a ittle luck like last year, we will have some nice cooler temperatures right after which will get those greens healed up within 7-10 days. I hope you are all enjoying the summer and keep on swinging!

Jeff England – Superintendent Scotland Run GC




Try our Seafood Platter at the Taproom Bar & Grille before it’s gone! As part of the Summer Shore Menu, the Seafood Platter is available now and comes with oysters, mussels, clams, shrimp and a whole lobster!


One of our favorite dishes, the Lobster Ravioli. Available every night for dinner at the Highlander Pub & Grill, and is currently part of our Summer Shore Menu at the Taproom Bar & Grille. No further description needed, the picture tells it all and we will tell you again, order it!


Every Friday and Saturday from 7pm - 10pm, join us on the back patios of Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC for live entertainment all summer long! Check out this month’s line-ups below.


Friday, August 6: Mike Wilson
Saturday, August 7: Bob Anderson
Friday, August 13: Jay Gentile
Saturday, August 14: Vic Rubino
Friday, August 20: Beatle Bob
Saturday, August 21: Non Domestiks
Friday, August 27: Tommy D
Saturday, August 28: Jay Gentile


Friday, August 6: Big Daddy Duo
Saturday, August 7: Tommy D
Friday, August 13: My Two Cents
Saturday, August 14: Shaun LaBoy
Friday, August 20: Destiny Monroe
Saturday, August 21: Tommy D
Friday, August 27: Double Driven
Saturday, August 28: Shaun LaBoy

Experimenting with adding umbrellas on the new patio, but of course we can't block the view!


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