December Newsletter


I would like to welcome all of the new readers to the newsletter this month as new members of Ottinger Golf! You will grow accustomed to my “hoorah” messages and hopefully love them as much as I do.

First announcement I have is that 2022 marks the 125th anniversary of the Atlantic City Country Club. I am so proud to be associated with such a historic property as we move forward into the future and we will definitely plan a big party to celebrate the occasion. 

We also have a MONUMENTAL announcement to make regarding what has been a long time coming. Plans are being drawn up and construction will begin very soon on the NEW Ladies Locker Room. We are blowing out some of the old hotel rooms above the pro shop and making a modern, easily accessible WOMEN ONLY lounge and locker facility with a beautiful balcony over the golf shop patio.

Tied in with that will be a new entrance into the simulator room and golf shop as we complete the parking lot renovations making the golf shop, ladies locker room and bag storage, everything you need to golf, all in one location.

I want to personally thank all our women members for their patience over the years. It was certainly far from ideal and although we fixed it up and made new lockers, it was always meant to be a temporary solution. Now that we have identified a real solution, we are anxious to get this right as we embark on a new chapter at the club.

As I end every newsletter, my door is always open to discuss anything.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


December is here and we still find plenty of warm days that pop-up throughout the month and throughout the winter. We don’t have any outside Member Events scheduled this month though as everyone has enough to do during the holidays.  However, we will be doing a snowbird tournament sometime in January to try and find the real die-hards!

The Simulator League of course continues as well. The Fall Session is at the halfway point and will finish up right after the holidays. We will be beginning the Winter Session in early January which is always the biggest one so be on the lookout for information to sign-up in the coming weeks.

November did see the Birth of the Birdie Bowl played at Atlantic City CC the Sunday after Thanksgiving. It was about 43 degrees and windy as hell but we had 70 players braving the elements!

Great weather on Thanksgiving also saw the biggest turnout for the Turkey Shotgun at Scotland Run GC as 90 people played some early golf and were back home in time for dinner. While there is no official tournament/format for the day, we did have some closest to the pin contest winners:


As a reminder, please continue to let us know when you make a Hole-in-One or any other big achievement so we can exploit you in the newsletter!

Congratulations to Kevin Love for finding the bottom of the cup on #4 at Atlantic City CC on 11/26!


Drive for show putt for dough, a tale as old as time. When teeing off make sure to pick one ball flight no matter what club you’re hitting. If your flight is a draw stay with the draw. If your flight is a cut stay with the cut. There’s no need to try and shape golf shots off the tee. We must simplify our golf games and stick to one flight and try to hit more fairways. Pick a line stick with your line and make a confident golf swing! By doing this I can guarantee* your FIR’s and GIR’s will go up and you will start to make more putts. Hitting more fairways will take a lot of stress off the rest of your golf game. 

Dustin Johnson said it best when asked in a recent interview, “DJ how many times have you tried drawing the ball of the tee this past season?” He paused and answered, “On purpose? NEVER!” DJ sticks to a cut off the tee and is one of the most consistent players on tour off the tee! Stick to one flight, pick a line and make a confident swing!

*Full disclaimer, Sean guarantees an increase in FIRs and GIRs or his lessons are free until it happens!

Sean Furman, Head Golf Professional at Ballamor, setup down the left side of fairway to play his normal left-to-right ball flight.


We mentioned this last month, but just repeating ourselves again as we have several new readers this month! The parking lot renovations continue in full force. The golf course and golf shop will remain open every day, but all Members and Guests must park in the main parking lot. Half of the parking lot nearest the putting green where you are accustomed to parking is not accessible. You will have to walk either thru the front entrance of the building or thru the grounds maintenance area and along the sidewalk/cart path near the putting green to access the golf course and golf shop. We urge you to keep your clubs in our bag room whenever possible to make it easier for you.



The winter months are full of cold, frosty mornings. During these mornings, one of the tasks we spend our time on is splitting fire wood for the restaurant until we can safely make our way to the golf course to blow away the never ending leaves (mainly on the back 9 now). We have also been removing some of the dead trees around the course. These trees are not just unsightly but can also be dangerous to you as a golfer. On the windy days you never know when one of those dead branches might come falling down. We do our best every winter to locate and remove these trees to insure everyone’s safety while looking for those stray shots that might find the woods.

During this time of the year we also blow out our irrigation system to prevent the pipes from freezing and breaking. The last thing any of us Superintendents want to deal with in the spring is broken irrigation. This process consists of a large air compressor that pushes all the water out. We start by letting everything drain into the ponds around the course, then go through every hole, sprinkler by sprinkler, until we only have air coming out of the lines. If you are on the course during this time, you will see the wonder mist, which means we are getting close to finishing.

Jeff England – Scotland Run GC Superintendent

Irrigation blowout and the “wonder mist”.




I hope all of our readers enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving! Many of you are already aware, but for the new readers, we are building a new Short Range practice area adjacent to the 18th tee and Driving Range. This project is exciting for us grounds’ folk. It’s kind of like a race car driver getting to build his own car!

The most fascinating aspect of this project for me is the construction of the green. There are so many factors to consider in constructing a “good” golf green.  We’ll inspect different sand/soil mixes to determine the following:

1. How well it accepts water, then how well it drains.

2. Will the “mix” compact properly, so we can achieve the desired firmness.

3. Will the soil hold a degree of fertility? Too much sand and too little soil will result in a green where all the nutrients and water just flush right through the profile.

Once we have determined the exact specifications we want, we will calculate the amount of mix we need to allow for a depth of one foot of mix, so we can accommodate a deep and healthy root system.
We’ll put stakes in the in the green spaced out appropriately with marks on them at 12 inches to make sure we know where we achieve our desired depths. After that we will develop our contours and cupping spaces, let it settle for a few weeks, then wait for sod in the spring. Happy Holidays!

Mark Beaumont – Atlantic City CC Superintendent

Drainage lines have been added to the putting green on the new Short Range.


Now that we’ve all eaten way too much food over the Thanksgiving holiday, the work continues here at Ballamor. November is always a transitional period when it comes to golf course maintenance in New Jersey. We move from the daily maintenance tasks like mowing and raking bunkers to working on projects such as drainage, irrigation upgrades and removal of dead trees as well as some problem trees around the course. We have already begun removing some trees near the tees on #15 that should help in providing a better teeing surface.  We have also continued the tree removal behind the tees on #12 for the same reason, air and sunlight.

You can never have too much drainage on a golf course and in the coming months we will be adding some drainage to a few areas to help improve playability. I hope you all have enjoyed the new range tee this season. It’s a big improvement over the old standard range mat. We will be outlining the new mat with some pavers this winter to give it a better look. While we are on that subject, please use the mat through the winter months. Any divots taken off the grass tee right now will not see any recovery until next spring. From all of us here at the Ballamor grounds department, we wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.

Scott Rose – Ballamor GC Superintendent

View of the right side of #15 tee boxes as you drive along the cart path from #14 where several trees have been removed.


Chef Dom continues to pump out great specials at the Taproom at Atlantic City CC as the menu is slowly adapting to his Italian flair. Again, if you haven’t tried it, make sure to come by and meet Dom, we promise it will be worth the trip!

As the holidays approach, here is a reminder of what we have coming up:


We invite you and your family to join us for a festive holiday feast.

Enjoy Executive Chef Michael Balog’s hand selected entrees like King or Queen Cut Prime Rib, Seven Fish Linguine, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Creamy Cajun Seafood Pasta and so much more!

Our special à la carte menu will be offered from 4pm - 8pm.

Reservations highly recommended due to limited seating. To reserve your spot, call 856-863-3737.


We invite you and your family to ring in the New Year at Scotland Run.

Enjoy Executive Chef Michael Balog’s hand selected entrees like Filet Wellington, Jersey Style Lobster, Pasta, Short Rib Ossa Bucco, Salmon Oscar and so much more!

Our special à la carte menu will be offered from 4pm - 10pm.

Reservations highly recommended due to limited seating. To reserve your spot, call 856-863-3737.


We invite you and your family to ring in the New Year at Atlantic City CC.

Enjoy Executive Chef Dominic Rizzo’s hand selected entrees like Lobster Noelle, King or Queen Cut Prime Rib, Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes, Jersey Style Seafood Pasta and so much more!

Our special à la carte menu will be offered from 4pm - 10pm.

Reservations highly recommended due to limited seating. To reserve your spot, call 609-236-4400.


Atlantic City CC’s Taproom Bar & Grille

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Tuesday - Saturday
Lunch | 12pm - 3pm
Dinner | from 4pm

Brunch | 10am - 3pm
Closed | after 3pm

Scotland Run GC's Highlander Pub & Grill 

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Lunch | 12pm - 4pm
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Brunch | 10am - 2pm
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