January Newsletter


HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday season. As we move into the heart of winter, the golf courses will truly remain in a dormant state. These next three months play a very important role in course recovery and preparation for when the growing season returns.

I’m asking you, THE MEMBERS, to help us during this time. We are well aware that the winter course set up is not as challenging as normal. To be honest, that’s exactly why I play more this time of year.

Please understand that the tee markers and pins are not placed randomly. They are strategically set in areas that either get less traffic or where we do not mind extra traffic.

We NEED everyone to follow our superintendent’s lead and play the courses as they are set. I cannot stress the importance of this enough. To sum up exactly what I am asking of you:

• ONLY tee off where tee markers are set. Yes, some tees are much shorter and some are much longer than their normal location, but that’s on purpose. And remember, handicap season is over. None of these rounds matter in terms of next year’s handicap.

• If you do see anyone not following our markers, please let the respective pro shop know. Whistleblowers please!

• Whenever possible replace actual divots opposed to sand, although both help.

• And of course, fix as many ball marks as you can.

The more we can help out our grounds department, the more they can focus on our winter projects. I won’t bore you
with my attempt to elaborate on the course improvements we have planned, I’ll leave that up to our superintendents.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


While winter of course doesn’t feature many golf events, our next simulator session begins in January. Sim Winter Session I will begin the week of January 10 and run six weeks. We had a whopping 48 teams during this session last year and hope to get even more this year. Trust us when we say you want to be in for skins with this many players involved!

Please reach out to the golf shop at Atlantic City CC or Scotland Run GC to sign up. Cost is $90 for Full Members and $150 for Associate Members, plus cash throwaway and weekly skins. The best part about this league is it is 100% COVID friendly. You can play your weekly match on your schedule and with just your 2-man team. Post your score and we will match it to your opponents’ card to determine the winner.


January will begin our membership renewal season. Look for both a letter in the mail as well as an email directing you to renew through our easy online portal system. 2020 was an unbelievable year and we can’t wait for 2021 with over 30 members events on the schedule. So, cheers to 2021, hoping for the best year yet! (well even a terrible year could beat 2020 but we didn’t want to say that!)


This is a preliminary list of scheduled events for 2021. We reserve the right to adjust a few dates as needed, but go ahead and mark these on your calendar now!


Please welcome all of our new members who have joined us over the last month. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in the member events!



Happy Holidays to you and yours! We have just one newsletter from the Ottinger Superintendents this month, as both Scott and Jeff are taking some well deserved time off to be with their families.

This is certainly the time of the year to look back and think about what I’m thankful for. I’m thankful to be working in a world where so many are not. I’m incredibly grateful that this job has allowed myself and our staff to have had the opportunity to come to work, and for a few hours have a sense of normalcy, and a feeling of purpose. As long as we were working out on the course we could forget about (just for a moment) all the problems that this world is facing. And most importantly, I’m grateful to so many of you, our members! Throughout this crazy year, so many of you took the time to thank us and compliment us for our efforts. It made a big difference, it truly did!

I’m also thankful for projects that we can do here (and at Scotland Run and Ballamor) to make our properties better. This off season’s theme is tees! All three properties are going to attempt to do work that will hopefully improve tee complexes at our respective properties. I don’t want to speak out of turn for the other courses, so I will just tell you our plans for here at Atlantic City CC.

Our main endeavor is to rebuild the two back tees on the 13th hole. Those tees during my time here have been very difficult to keep healthy in the heat of the summer. I believe my/our struggles are due to the soil. Our plan is to remove the existing soil and replace with a better quality mix. Unlike our project on #4 tee last year, we aren’t going to change the sizes of tees significantly, but the goal is make them healthier and easier to maintain for 2021 and beyond.

We also hope to continue our cart path work throughout the property. My goals are to continue to provide more opportunity to get carts out on wet days without incurring much damage to our playing areas.

In closing, I want to reiterate how grateful I am to have all of you in my life this year, and wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!

- Mark Beaumont - Atlantic City CC Superintendent



It’s no secret indoor dining and the ability for families to go out to eat this year has taken a big hit. As we progress through the winter months, we are going to be offering daily Family Meals To Go at both the Taproom Bar & Grille and the Highlander Pub & Grill. Dinners will be offered Wednesday thru Saturday night for just $30 for two people or $65 for five people, on most occasions. Even better, we will add your 15% member discount on top of that already great pricing!



Any support from you as members during this winter is greatly appreciated, as we do our best to keep the restaurants open and our staff working.


In addition, we are very excited to let you know of a complete overhaul to our menu at the Taproom Bar & Grille coming this spring. You can throw everything you know about the current dinner menu out the window as we look to elevate by simplifying and perfecting a scaled back menu. We are planning on a menu tasting event (COVID pending) in the early spring to allow everyone to come and try it out. Our lunch menu will continue to feature burgers and sandwiches and other lighter fare for grabbing a quick bite before or after golf.


We have reduced our winter hours of operation at The Taproom Bar & Grille and Highlander Pub & Grill in an effort to minimize the impact of the winter weather on limited indoor dining, but the good news is Happy Hour is back!

Sunday: Brunch 10am - 2pm 
Monday & Tuesday: CLOSED
Wednesday - Saturday: Open from 12pm

Happy Hour: Wednesday - Friday 3:30pm - 5:30pm


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