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A Message From the Director

Happy New Year!!! 2022 is upon us and the future looks bright for Ottinger Golf. Atlantic City Country Club is private again and SOLD OUT. Membership continues to grow at Ballamor and Scotland Run, which means even more opportunities for member events. Please take a look at the events section for details on our OUTDOOR winter league.  

If it’s too cold for you, the simulator league is about to move into the second session, see pro shop for more information. NEW MEMBERS, please take advantage of these as well. The golf professional staff is hosting junior and ladies’ clinics. If you have never used the simulators and are interested to learn more, I would love to show you all the ways it can help your game. Contact me ANYTIME to set up an introduction. This time of year it is pretty easy to find me as I am usually hanging out down there anyway. All kidding aside, the technology is amazing and it’s silly not to take advantage of this amenity.  

Lastly, a lot of you have inquired about our Holiday Party this year at Atlantic City. That had grown into a great event and we definitely want to get it back on track after missing it last year. As you know, we have a new Chef and we are focusing on making the restaurant something we can all be proud of again. Chef Domenico did not want to rush things and continues to ignore my advice, which is only another sign that he really knows what he is doing. We are setting a date for Tuesday, February 1st. Formal invites will go out very soon.

And just like that, the first snow of the season blankets the courses. No excuse to miss the Winter Sim League now and we promise to have the snow gone by the time the NEW Winter Traveling League begins!

As always, my door is always open!

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf



The Fall Sim League has ended and we look forward to Winter Session I which begins the week of January 9. This is always our biggest field of the season.  Last year we had 72 players in this session, and we would love to get that up to 100 this time around. Also know, this is the only member event in which staff will be competing against you! There is nothing more satisfying than watching our Pros, Barry, Furman and Hecker, get beatdown by the members!  Please call the golf shop right away to register.

Now here are the shoutouts to the Fall Session Finals Matches


We are happy to announce the Traveling Winter League! For nine weeks beginning January 22, we are inviting the bravest members who are not afraid of a little cold weather, to play in our winter league that will rotate every week between all three courses. All Members are eligible to play regardless of which course you are a member at. There will be weekly prizes as well as overall league winner prizes. Format will be 2-person better ball and we are looking for your best six scores out of the nine weeks. So the more you play, the more you will have chances to better your score! Schedule is as follows:

Jan 22 | Scotland Run GC

Jan 29 | Atlantic City CC

Feb 5 | Ballamor GC

Feb 12 | Scotland Run GC

Feb 19 | Atlantic City CC

Feb 26 | Ballamor GC

Mar 5 | Scotland Run GC

Mar 12 | Atlantic City CC

Mar 19 | Ballamor GC

Mar 26 | Make-up Date (if needed)



In this installment of tips from the pros we’re talking short game, chipping to be exact. When chipping around the green I always talk about three key things. #1 is ball position which we’re going to keep the ball back in our stance to try and produce some top spin to get the chip to react more like a putt. We want to get the ball on the ground and rolling as soon as we can in most circumstances. 

#2 and #3 are simple. We want to keep our hands leaning forward to create some shaft lean so the club head never passes our hands and we’re going to keep our weight forward with 60% of our weight on our front foot and 40% on our back foot. The beauty of this the setup is that it stays the same for most chips. I generally tell people when we’re chipping, we want to keep the technique like a putting motion and not much past knee high.  

So, some people ask, “well what happens if I’m 15 yards off the green as opposed to five yards?” My answer is simple, change the club and make the same stroke just go from using your sand wedge to a pitching wedge or even a 9-iron. Give it a try and see how it works out for you!  Remember we are trying to keep things simple. We are not Phil Mickelson and practice the flop shot seven days a week. Play to your percentages and let’s get the ball in the hole in as few strokes as possible!

Sean Furman, Head Golf Professional at Ballamor, showing the proper chipping setup to help keep the ball low and get it rolling quicker!


Head Professional Brian Hecker giving instructions before sending everyone on the course for the last golf of 2021!

In the warmest NYE we can remember, we had full course shotguns at all three courses this year, just before the snow came! Head Professional Brian Hecker and his staff threw together some Closest to the Pin competitions, congratulations to all the winners: 

#4 & #9 | Joe Montenigro
(He won two? Remind us not to invite him next year!)
#13 | Zach Hoffman
#15 |
Frank Browne


Continuing to keep you informed on the parking lot. This will be the last month before the construction crew switches sides. If weather cooperates, pavement will be laid in January and then we will begin work on the side nearest the driving range, leaving you to park on the new pavement! The course and golf shop will remain open every day and we continue to urge you to keep your clubs in our bag room to make it easier for you.



We have gone into winter mode in many ways at all three courses. Please understand that these practices are to ensure the course is in as good of shape as possible when Spring comes. Wear and tear does not start to recover until April or May. Divots don’t start growing until then either.  When we move tee markers to the front or back of tee boxes, or even remove them from a tee box all together, we ask that you play from only where we set the tees. Please do not tee off from “where the white tees normally are in June,” for example, as you are only doing a disservice to the rest of the membership. Enjoy playing the holes in different locations. Try some holes shorter, try some holes longer, switch it up. You aren’t posting your scores anyway but following our traffic control will make a big difference next season.

Besides moving tee markers, some additional things we have done:

1). Added a second cup into each green in case the ground becomes frozen and we can’t
change the cup.  

2). Closed the bathroom on the course and removed the ball washers to protect against freezing.  

3). Removed some signage to allow cart traffic to be distributed throughout the course.  

4). Finally, we just recently finished mowing down our native areas as well. 

Even though we are in “winter mode,” we’re continuing to forge ahead on our short range and are very happy with the progress we’re making. We hope the weather for the new year is agreeable so we can be ready for sod in the spring. If the weather does turn cold, we in the grounds department are ready, willing and able to assist in other areas. We plan on assisting with any of the work associated with the new Ladies Locker Room as well. It should be a tremendous addition to our facility when it completed and make for much easier access for all. Thank you and have a wonderful holiday season!

Mark Beaumont – Atlantic City CC Superintendent

Layer of gravel being added over the drainage lines in the putting green. Next is 12” of a sand/soil mix before grass on top!


For some further education on how the winter can affect the golf course, I want to talk about the freeze/thaw patterns that happen several times when the temperatures change from freezing to those random warm winter 60 degree days. Of course everyone wants to get out and play golf which is great, but it can be damaging to the golf course and the hope from us is that with a little education, you will be aware and take some extra caution when heading out.

First, it starts with precipitation, which lasts much long in the cooler temps then in the summer months. The viscosity of the water thickens, which does not allow the water to move through the soil profile as quickly. Now that the water is “stuck” in the soil profile it will freeze, which happens every winter. When those warms days come, only the surface thaws, maybe the top half inch, but be below is still frozen. This creates a potential to sheer the roots. The is creating unseen damage that will show it’s face in the following season.

To protect against this, we may restrict carts to the paths on warmer days where we feel this could be an issue. When the ground is completely frozen, carts aren’t much of a concern. But anytime you feel a soft spot under your cart, please be careful when starting and stopping and look to drive to some higher ground right away! 

Also to echo Mark’s sentiments, some of our tee boxes are already showing some wear and tear. Scotland Run tends to get the most play during the winter and I can’t plead with you enough to please follow the tee markers and only hit from those specific areas. On some holes, they are purposely set in an area that is already getting a lot of traffic, but that is by design to limit any damage to one small area.

Jeff England – Scotland Run GC Superintendent

Double cups cut in #6 green at Scotland Run. Please remember to move the flag to the other hole on every green!


Trees removed behind #12 tee box

I hope you all had a safe and enjoyable holiday season with friends and family. The weather has been surprisingly warm for December and I’m sure you all are taking advantage of it and sneaking in a few rounds when you can. Even though we are technically in the offseason, please continue to fix your ball marks on the greens and fill your divots on the fairways. An unrepaired ball mark this time of year will have no chance of recovering and will stay that way all winter long. 

The staff has been busy continuing the tree work behind #12 tee as well as pruning all the trees near #16 and #17.  We also hope to start installing some pavers around the driving range mat in the coming weeks which will require the range be closed, but we will keep you informed when we begin. Please stay safe and healthy and we’ll see you on the course!

Scott Rose – Superintendent Ballamor GC



We are thrilled to announce the date of our Atlantic City CC Member Holiday Party on Tuesday, February 1st. We will be sending out official email invites in January to RSVP. This is more than just a holiday party, this is your chance to come meet Chef Dom and try many of the new items on our dinner menu for next year. This will be a cocktail party with several stations and passed hors d’oeuvres as well as plenty of drinks for all.


Delight in the chef’s presentation of the most sumptuous sweetheart specials. All prepared with love by our talented culinary staff.

Reservations Available 4PM - 9PM. Please Call to Make Your Reservation.



Atlantic City CC’s Taproom Bar & Grille & Scotland Run GC's Highlander Pub & Grill 


| 12pm - 3pm
| from 4pm

Brunch |
10am - 3pm
Closed after 3pm

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