July Newsletter



Into the heart of the season we go and all of our golf courses are looking and playing great.

I wanted to personally thank everyone for adjusting to our tee time policy modifications. I know some of the changes were not ideal when compared to what you were “able” to do in the past. We are simply trying to adjust to the uptick in membership and create access that is fair across the board.

Access, transparency and sharing the golf course is key! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE be aware that when you cancel a tee time late or pull a no-show, you have taken away availability from another member. We understand that things come up that are out of our control from time to time. We just want to remind everyone of how valuable those times are to other members.

Some of you have already received one of our emails regarding this issue. Believe me, the last thing we want to do is suspend a member’s ability to make advanced tee times. This applies even when you book four and show up with two or three. You get the idea. Just let us know as soon as you can.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, “Golf is a shared experience.” As long as we are cognizant of that concept and care about the other members and guests around us, we will continue to have a great season.

As always, please come to me to discuss anything!

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


June saw another King & Queen Tournament at Atlantic City CC with some familiar faces atop the leaderboard, plus we had our first ever 2-Day Member-Member played at both Atlantic City CC and Ballamor GC. These new events had great turnouts and we hope to continue to see all members try what’s to come.

2-Day Member-Member

Congratulations to Bob Pettinelli and Steve Mortelliti for winning the 1st ever 2-Day Member-Member at Atlantic City CC and Ballamor GC!

Congratulations to the 2-Day Member-Member individual flght winners:
F1: Rich Solano Jr & Rich Solano III
F2: Bob Pettinelli & Steve Mortelliti
F3: Tom Wood & Christian Feriozzi
F4: Lester Bailey & Frankie Frederico
F5: Christopher Passaretti & Chuck Petronis

King & Queen Tournament

Another King & Queen Tournament at Atlantic City, and another 1st place finish for the Glicks. Careful, Joan and Craig, there is a target on your back! But in all seriousness, congratulations on another win!

Upcoming Member-Guest Events

Member-Guest Tournament | Atlantic City CC 
Thursday, July 22 - Saturday, July 24

Ladies Member-Guest | Atlantic City CC 
Thursday, August 19

1-Day Member-Guest | Atlantic City CC 
Sunday, September 19

2-Day Member-Guest | Scotland Run GC
Friday, October 8 - Saturday, October 9


Another month and another ACE! This time the congratulations go out to Jay Roseman who accomplished the feat on #8 at Atlantic City CC & to Banjira Zeigenfuse who got a hole-in-one on #12 at Atlantic City CC.



Hole #11 at Atlantic City CC with fresh sand added and bunker rakes out and ready for use.

Technically it is now summer, at least the calendar says so. But we have been very lucky with the great weather so far. The nights have been cool, timely rain, and very few hot, hot days. This great weather pattern has given the Grounds Department the opportunity to do things we normally aren’t able to do because this time of the year we start to spend more and more of our day watering. When the weather gets hot and dry we can spend over 50 working hours a day doing something pertaining to “just” irrigation. Well, right now that’s not the case, so we continue to add sand to the bunkers on the course! We have been fortunate or opportunistic enough to have added about 100 tons of sand to our bunkers this season. We will continue to add sand whenever we get the chance.

We have also put bunker rakes out if you haven’t already noticed and we will put more out over the next couple weeks. For now, enjoy this great weather and go low!

Mark Beaumont – Superintendent Atlantic City CC




This is an older picture of the rough near #11 green at Scotland Run GC. First, this is an area golf carts should not be driving, but in this case, just an example of what can happen to the rough in extreme heat.

Summer is here and this is the toughest stretch of weather the golf course will face. The hot and humid weather brings several challenges when it comes to maintaining the course; from insects to fungus and disease, plus a number of other challenges. I can assure you that we are doing our very best to provide you with the finest and most enjoyable playing conditions possible, without overly stressing the course.

I would also like to ask you as members for a little help throughout your rounds played here at Scotland Run GC. Our rough is mostly a fine fescue grass that will brown out in extreme heat and gets much worse with cart traffic as you can see in the picture. I understand it is unavoidable at times, but please do your best to take the path less traveled. Believe it or not, the bent grass fairways, as short as they are, can take the traffic much more than the rough, so please drive and park your carts in the fairway and keep the carts out of the rough as much as possible. It will go a long way and the rough will be much happier during these hot summer months.

It is also greatly appreciated when you take the time to fix a few extra ball marks on greens and fill a few extra divots on the fairways. I would love to see every cart returned with empty sand bottles. We have been ordering much more divot sand for the carts than in the past, which indicates everyone is using the divot sand. Thank you, I love it!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer both on and off the course. Stay hydrated and I’ll see you out there.

Jeff England – Superintendent Scotland Run GC


Moss creeping into some areas of the putting greens. Long term not much of a worry, just a little unsightly for the time being.

Summer has arrived and I hope you’ve all been able to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather. If you’ve been to Ballamor GC recently, I’m sure you’ve noticed some brown spots on the greens. We currently have some areas of Silvery Thread Moss popping up on some greens. Moss is a pesky little plant that we deal with every season, but this year so far has been a banner year for it, as it seems to love the environment on our greens. The difficult part about managing moss on putting greens is that moss loves the same environment we provide for the greens such as low mowing heights and low fertility, which encourages moss growth.

We have treated the moss with a herbicide which has turned it brown and we will also be topdressing the greens with sand as soon as the weather permits. Controlling the moss is a marathon not a sprint, and I assure you we are doing everything we can to make sure your experience here is a good one. It’s not something I’m concerned with long term, just one of the many diseases or fungi that pop up throughout the summer, many of which you never even see or notice. Our job as superintendents is to identify these early and stop them quickly!

See you on the course!

Scott Rose – Superintendent Ballamor GC



The new patio at Atlantic City CC is finished and open for business! It looks amazing and we can’t wait to have you in to check it out. Live music will now be outside on the new patio every Friday and Saturday from 7pm - 10pm. Check out the lineup below.


Friday, July 9: Destiny Monroe
Saturday, July 10: Tommy D
Friday, July 16: Big Daddy Duo
Saturday, July 17: My Two Cents
Friday, July 23: Shaun LaBoy
Saturday, July 24: Tommy D
Friday, July 30: Big Daddy Duo
Saturday, July 31: Kaitlin Fullam


To accompany your new skyline views, we will be offering a brand new special Summer Shore Menu at the Taproom Bar & Grille at Atlantic City CC. This Summer Menu will feature a tremendous seafood tower, mussels, lobster ravioli and so much more.


Every Friday and Saturday from 7pm - 10pm, join us on the back patio for live entertainment at Scotland Run GC, all summer long! Check out this months’ line-up below.


Friday, July 9: Tommy D
Saturday, July 10: Jay Gentile
Friday, July 16: Beatle Bob
Saturday, July 17: Bob Anderson
Friday, July 23: TBA
Saturday, July 24: The Non Dosmetiks
Friday, July 30: The Non Dosmetiks
Saturday, July 31: Jay Gentile

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