JUNE 2020


From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your patience and support this spring. You are the reason our clubs exist and what it means to be a member and show support through the thick and thin. You heard us talking about what is coming for way too long, and we are now ready to deliver what you sign up as members for … Member Events!


We will add a few more fall events as we get closer and go as late into the season as the weather allows. Look for more updates in future newsletters.


New Member Evan Stuhltrager holding the ball and 6-iron he used to make a Hole-in-One on #13 at Scotland Run on May 26.

Ottinger Golf welcomes all of our new members to the family. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in our events!



Casaldi's Cucina is finally able to open for outside seating on Monday, June 15th!

Don't forget, Ottinger Golf is currently offering takeout through our Italian location Casaldi's in Linwood. Curbside pickup is available 2:30pm - 6:30pm on Fridays & Saturdays. Plus, get 15% OFF your order when you charge to your member account! Call 609-365-8260 to order.

Thank you to all of you who have taken advantage of it—We are sure you were not disappointed!




First of all, I’d like to say welcome back to everyone. It’s great to see people out playing golf and enjoying themselves. I wanted to take this opportunity to talk a little about the driving range and using the proper method when practicing on the range. As you can see from the picture below, there are a few ways that people like to hit balls. Our preferred method is the linear method. This is accomplished by placing your ball on the back edge of the previous divot and continuing this process with each shot. You will find that you will use much less grass with each range session compared to using the scattered or concentrated divot pattern. As an added bonus, divots taken in this pattern will heal much faster than the other 2 patterns. While we are fortunate here at Ballamor to have a large grass tee on the driving range, using this method will very much help us to provide a quality surface for all to practice on throughout the season. Thank you and we’ll see you on the course! Putt the short ones and swing hard in case you hit it!

—Ballamor Golf Club, Superintendent Scott Rose



Newly planted Tree on #5 replacing a tree that died.

It has been so great to see you all back out on the course! In the last newsletter it was mentioned that we undertook a few projects over the winter, but one thing that was not emphasized was the tree work that we were able to accomplish.

I must say that the trees removed from the course were either dead, due to pest damage, or were severely wounded because of storm damage. Storms have really taken a toll on our tree population over the years. I am not a fan of removing trees, and cutting them down is always the last resort. Trees can, and do, play an important role on the course, which at Atlantic City CC is different than most courses that can be overgrown with trees. We have limited trees on the course, and we use them to create separation between holes to allow for privacy and safety (it's nice to think you are the only one on the course). We use them as a backdrop to frame a green complex. We also use them to create certain shot values (think of the Eisenhower tree at Augusta National). As well as adding beauty to the property and maximizing shade for our guests.

What we are most excited about when it comes to our tree removal is that we were able to “pull” most of the stumps out of the ground, as opposed to “grinding” the stump down. By removing the stumps, it gives us the option to replant a new tree in the exact same spot where the existing tree was removed. Many of the trees on the course were planted with a specific purpose. We are looking forward to assessing many areas throughout the course and property where we can begin an “underplanting” process to Atlantic City CC. See you on the course!

— Atlantic City Country Club, Superintendent Mark Beaumont



Holes #8 and #5 with new sod.

Contrary to the trees at Atlantic City CC, the trees at Scotland Run had become overgrown and were encroaching on fairways and tee complexes, and in essence “choking-out” sunlight and airflow from the grass playing surfaces. So as you know, we decided to remove trees in between several holes on the front nine. In doing so, we created a lot of open areas that needed to be addressed, and projects of that scale, while still maintaining a golf course and setting it up for daily play, takes a lot of time. Over this past winter, we were able to add irrigation to those areas, which they obviously did not have before, being that they were in the woods! We sodded along cart paths to give about 10-12’ of playable rough along the sides of the holes and will finish with seeding fescue into the areas in between. It will take some time to establish those areas the way we envision them, but we wanted to at least give you the plan and something to look forward to and, at the same time, avoid on the golf course!

— Scotland Run Golf Club, Superintendent Jeff England


New Member Mark Munding holding his brand new Scotty Cameron putter he won at Scotland Run.


Congratulations to new member Evan Stuhltrager for his ace on #13 at Scotland Run on May 26. Also congratulations to Mark Munding and Kevin Headley for winning brand new Scotty Cameron putters at Ballamor and Scotland Run this month.  Each golf shop will be doing weekly contests for equipment so make sure to inquire with them as to how to have a chance to win some brand new toys!


Our golf shops are full of merchandise that you have not been able to come and see, so we wanted to give you a sneak preview of a few items. But going forward, the golf shops and locker rooms are open for members to come in, but for safety and health reasons, you must be wearing a mask.  We can’t wait to see your faces..... well maybe just your eyes!


We are finally able to open the Taproom Bar & Grille and the Highlander Pub & Grill on June 15th to outdoor seating. We are very excited to be able to cook for you again and we have been hard at work making changes to get ready!  We have created several new lunch and dinner dishes that we can’t wait for you to try out, however, when we first open, we will be offering a temporary limited menu at each location while we are at reduced capacity. 

These menus will offer some of the new dishes.

Additionally, we have changed some of our regular weekly specials:

Taproom Bar & Grille
Surf & Turf has been revised with new menu and pricing.
Sunday Brunch is back and served a la carte from 9:30am to 2:00pm

Highlander Pub & Grill
Sunday Brunch buffet has been revised to an à la carte menu with everyone’s safety and health in mind.
Come Hungry!

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