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The summer season is here and we are all ready for more golf. Last month we talked about the future of our membership, especially as it pertains to Atlantic City CC. We have a large membership right now but there is plenty of room if we are willing to compromise and share access on certain days/times and utilize all three courses.

As our first step into our foreshadowed changes coming, we are thrilled to announce we are officially members only at Atlantic City CC on the weekends! That’s right! Atlantic City Country Club is effectively private on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the summer.

This is purely being done to accommodate the membership, but as with any private club that has a full membership, we can’t always get the exact times that we want. Let me be clear, we will get you out on the golf course without question, it just may not be at the exact time you are hoping for every weekend. Sometimes you may have to play a little later than you would have liked or, of course you can always “travel across shore road” (as Leo Fraser used to say) to Ballamor GC to get an earlier time.

In an effort to make it fair for all members we are changing our tee time booking policy on the weekends to allow everyone the opportunity to get their preferred tee time. This includes Ballamor GC as it is an important extension of the tee sheet of Atlantic City CC.

You may have already had some advanced tee times booked and we will honor all tee times currently in place for June, but in order to make this work we have no choice but to vacate all weekend tee times beginning in July. You can continue to make your weekday tee times as you currently are.

These advanced tee times are clearly less in advance than they used to be, but what’s important is the priority of access to tee times remains the same.

This is also a good time to mention we have a Sunday Members game at Atlantic City CC and Ballamor GC at 8am every Sunday. If you are looking to play around that time, those tee times won’t be available online, but you can register for them through the Member Event Portal as we are able to accommodate a large number of members in a shotgun format.

We all need to be on the same page to make this work. I have full confidence that we will adjust for the better and continue to move towards the future goal. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and efforts. As always, we welcome any suggestions, or discussions to get better.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


We recently sent out notice about the 2021 Member-Guest at Atlantic City CC and the First Annual 2-Day Member-Member at both Atlantic City CC and Ballamor GC. As expected, the Member-Guest is full and has a waiting list. For those not in, the new Member-Member is going to be great event to try out this year, complete with two days of golf and registration gifts for all.

Plus, a reminder we will also have the 1-Day Member-Guest at Atlantic City CC in September, the 1-Day Member-Guest at Ballamor GC (first year having that event) along with the 2-Day Member-Guest at Scotland Run GC in October, as well as a slew of other events throughout the year.

In May, we held the 2-Person Better Ball Stableford at Ballamor GC and it was an awesome event. Plus we held our first ever King & Queen tournament at Atlantic City CC which is a 9-hole couples event. The feedback was through the roof and you asked for more, so we have listened. We have another King & Queen tournament scheduled Thursday, June 24 again at Atlantic City CC.






Congratulations to John Ward & Matt ‘Boo’ Johnson, 1st Place Gross Ballamor GC Better-Ball Stableford.

Congratulations to Greg Weiss & Nick Daniello, 1st Place Net Ballamor GC Better-Ball Stableford.


Congratulations to Joan & Craig Glick, 1st Place Net Atlantic City CC June King & Queen.


The ACE. The rare achievement only a few of us have been lucky enough to have or even witness. We have two in the family that recently happened. Congratulations to Dr. David Rayfield for his first ever ACE and there could have been no better time for it. He hit his ACE on #4 at Atlantic City CC during the Sunday Member’s Game on May 23 and boy did he cleanup with a Skin, a closest to the Pin and finishing 3rd in the Blind Draw!

We wanted to include Dr. Rayfield’s picture, but he was too humble and said save the space for some more important information members want to read rather than have to see my face…perhaps it was a bad hair day?

Please let us know of your achievements like an ACE even if it happened prior. If you have a picture and a story let us know and we would love to include it!

Another ACE to report came back on March 10 on #4 at Scotland Run GC. Congratulations to Nick Mull for hitting one hell of a shot!

Please welcome all of our new members who have joined us over the last month. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in the member events!



That doesn’t sound right, maybe it’s “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” The winter of 2018/2019 we started a larger tree removal project to help improve our fine turf playing surfaces on the front 9 holes here at Scotland Run GC. There is still a large amount of work that needs to be done before the entire project is completed, including between holes #2 thru #5 which are on the books for the coming years.

We have finished all the areas between holes #5 thru #8 which are now officially ready for play. We wanted to protect the integrity of the golf course and make these areas penalizing for the stray tee shot, but at the same time, still allow you to find your ball and advance it back into play. The ropes between these areas will remain up for the season as it is still important to avoid cart traffic in these areas as the grass matures. But, please grab a few clubs and enjoy the stroll to find your ball and whack it back into play!

Another area of improvement that has begun, and a long time coming, bunker sand has arrived. I apologize for the wait, sand was not readily available last year, as with many things. But for the remainder of this season, we will be adding bunker sand around the course. Please bear with us during this process as bunkers will slowly get better as we continue to add sand. I’m expecting the complaint to do a complete 180 as the bunkers will be ‘a little soft’ in the first few weeks/months with new sand. One step back for two steps forward!

Oh, and the new tee on #15 is open and ready for play! #14 greens surround at Scotland Run GC during construction and after being sodded.

Jeff England – Superintendent Scotland Run GC


What a great Spring here at Atlantic City CC! We have had, for the most part, very mild and dry weather. The combination of dryness and cooler temps has allowed us to provide firmer conditions on the course. As the season progresses, and temperatures rise, the humidity increases and it becomes more difficult to create such firm conditions. A case in point is with the “golf majors” being moved to earlier in the season. It is just a lot easier to provide a better conditioned course in June vs. August. But that doesn’t mean that we won’t try to push the envelope!

The new bathrooms on the course are officially open! I know first-hand how important this is, as about 90% of you made comments as you played on by on #11! But, we have done other work out on the course that we are proud of as well. I am pleased with the cart path work we did in the offseason. As most of you know, we put in a path on hole #2. The second hole here is one of my favorite holes on the course. Over the years that fairway has been a challenge to maintain at a level that exceeds expectations. It’s a small fairway with a small landing area. The beginning of the fairway is pitched so the afternoon sun beats down on it, but the approach is shaded by the tree line and can get soft. Cart traffic, especially after rain, can certainly create some damage. So hopefully limiting traffic with the cart path will help us provide better conditions in the landing area moving forward.

As already mentioned, sand is the theme this year and we too have been adding sand to many of bunkers on property and will continue to do so throughout the year. Happy summer!

Mark Beaumont - Superintendent Atlantic City CC   

The new bathrooms finished and open for….Business?!



Construction on the new patio at Atlantic City CC has hit a slight snag as we wait for material. Seems every industry is affected in today’s COVID world and construction is one of the worst. We now hope to have it open and ready before the end of June and can’t wait to serve you from our brand new menu!


We have also listened to your feedback regarding the menu at Taproom Bar & Grille at Atlantic City CC. We have created a new Members Only menu for dinner that will offer some of your favorite sandwich and bar food like the Applewood Bacon Cheeseburger, Chicken Wings and a few other sandwiches. We are still moving forward without pizza at dinner time as it slows down service in the kitchen but will continue to offer it during lunch.


Father’s Day is here! We know you will be golfing, but we also invite you to join us for Brunch or Dinner at either The Highlander or the Taproom. Full buffet of your favorite items like Prime Rib and U-Peel Shrimp, everything fit for a king! Make your reservations today, eligible members will receive 15% OFF if you charge to your account.


Live music has returned on the patio every Friday and Saturday evening at The Highlander Pub & Grill. Take advantage of the great spring weather and enjoy dinner and some good tunes!

Live Entertainment will be coming to the Taproom Bar & Grille every Friday and Saturday as soon as the new patio is open, so be on the lookout for entertainment schedule coming later this month.

Friday, June 11 | Tommy D
Saturday, June 12 | Jay Gentile

Friday, June 18 | Mike Wilson
Saturday, June 19 | Beatle Bob

Friday, June 25 | Non Domestiks
Saturday, June 26 | Jay Gentile


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