MARCH 2020


Wow. 2020. That’s just a cool number to write and for all of us that would watch Barbara Walters over the years thinking it was purely the name of a television show and never a year that would actually happen (Y2K Bug anyone?), it’s pretty surreal. One thing that I still find crazy is that we are now hiring young men and women that were born in the 2000’s, time sure does fly.

We have never been more proud of our properties and to have you as members and we figured now is as good of a time as ever to introduce monthly newsletters to let you know what your membership at Ottinger Golf is providing you. From the course, to the staff, to all the events and more, we promise to keep you informed of what’s to come so you never miss a beat. Here’s to the best year yet, 2020, a year for more birdies, more fun, and hopefully some great golf weather!

— Nick Borro, PGA, Ottinger General Manager



This is our second off-season with the golf simulators and we definitely had a blast with our winter leagues. Both Club 1897 at Atlantic City Country Club and Scotland Run Golf Club have simulators and we wanted to capture those that may not be willing to travel between the properties, especially during the winter months. So we decided to create our simulator leagues with the ability to play at either location and at any time within a week’s timeframe to allow for the many different schedules everyone has. The leagues consisted of both members and employees which created some great comradery and great rivalries. It has been a huge success! We had 24 teams in the Fall session, four flights of six teams, and we expanded to 36 teams in the Winter sessions, six flights of six teams. Our Spring session looks to be our best yet before we let our balls fly outside as the warm weather returns.



Fall 2019
Flight A:  Nick Borro & Mitch Brown
Flight B:  Boo Johnson & Nick Brown
Flight C:  Allen Campione & Anthony Spagno
Flight D:  Dave Ludwig & Jacob Ludwig

Winter 2020
Flight A:  Bill Hoerr & Steve Jost
Flight B:  Brian Hecker & Kevin Leonard
Flight C:  Allen Campione & Anthony Spagno
Flight D:  Brian Sterback & Jim Lane
Flight E:  Kevin Prendergast & Zack Van Doren
Flight F:  John McConville & James Ianni

As spring approaches, we are setting our Member Event Calendar for the season. We have to start with mentioning the dates of our biggest event of the year, the Member-Guest at Atlantic City Country Club will be held July 16th – 18th, so clear your schedules now! March will finish our simulator leagues and April we head back outside. Here are our scheduled events so far for April & May:

Masters Par 3 Contest
Wednesday, April 8th
Atlantic City CC

Partner Better Ball
Saturday, April 24th
Scotland Run GC

GAP Team Matches
Sunday, April 19th, 26th, & May 3rd
Atlantic City CC & Scotland Run GC

Tuesday Night Men’s League
Begins Tuesday, April 28th
Atlantic City CC

Wednesday Night Men’s League
Begins Wednesday, May 6th
Scotland Run GC

PGA Junior League
Begins early April
Scotland Run GC

Leo Fraser 4-Ball
Sunday, May 31st
Atlantic City CC

Atlantic City Country Club


As our membership continues to grow, we plan on holding more and more events and we are always open for feedback or ideas on what you would like to see.  We are adding “member block” times to the tee sheets to allow members to book tee times and “self-organize” games/contests among yourselves.

Atlantic City CC: Friday Afternoon and Sunday Morning
Scotland Run GC: Saturday and Sunday Morning
Ballamor GC: Thursday afternoon

Exact times are not yet determined because we want to hear from you. Please let us know when a good time is for you 
and any groups you are already playing with and we will
do our best to accommodate.

We would also like to inform you that Ottinger Golf has four teams in the PGA Junior League which is hosted at Scotland Run GC with practices and matches beginning in April. For those members with little ones at home, this is a great way to get your kids involved in competitive golf in a fun and exciting way. The Junior Golf Academy also hosts numerous teaching classes for all skill levels.




We are constantly working to improve our course conditions and re-invest in our courses. The grounds crews’ have all been busy this offseason working on various projects on each course.

Atlantic City Country Club
Superintendent Mark Beaumont 

Mark and his crew have been working diligently this off-season to clean up dead wooded areas and create space without jeopardizing the course layout. There was extensive tree removal to the right of holes #3, #4, and #5. They will be replanting trees on #5, as well as adding privacy bushes around the tee boxes on #7 and #17. 
Their major project this off-season was to the tee box on #4. They were able to double the teeing area, open up all of the skyline views, and stretch the hole as far as 175 yards. It should be gorgeous when it’s completed and certainly a lot of fun to play.

Greens Aerification scheduled March 30th – April 1st 


Ballamor Golf Club 
Superintendent Scott Rose

Scott and the staff have been busy removing trees as well, approx. 30-35 as some were dead creating a safety concern and others were too close to greens tees or fairways. They completed a small drainage project on #3 which should alleviate a historically we area. They also have plans to change the grass around greenside bunkers for better aesthetics and maintenance once the spring temperatures arrive. 

Scott and Sean have thought of some very interesting tee rotations to try out this season. The tee box complexes are very expansive and with creative placement on certain holes, it can really change the way the course plays. They want to take advantage of that for variety as well as playability, with an emphasis on speeding up play on the weekends. Oh, and let’s not forget their fancy new fairway mowers! 

Greens Aerification scheduled March 16th – 18th 


Scotland Run Golf Club
Superintendent Jeff England

Jeff has probably been the busiest of all of our superintendents this offseason. He is still adjusting to all of the open space created by last year’s tree removal project. The crew has added irrigation along holes #5-8 to create 12’ of playable rough along the cart path before the terrain turns into natural areas with fescue and other tall grasses. These areas will be seeded which will take some time to establish so the crew asks for patience and help by restricting cart traffic through seeded areas with an emphasis on speeding up play on the weekends. 

More trees have been removed behind #13 green and along holes #14 and #15 to allow more sunlight on the green complexes. They also re-constructed the chipping green with full drainage and USGA spec greens mix.

Greens Aerification scheduled March 23rd – 25th 




For those of you who do not know me, my name is Michael Burke. This will be my 13th season associated with Atlantic City CC, My 3rd with Ballamor GC and my inaugural season helping out at Scotland Run GC. Every year we strive to become more member friendly and create an experience that each member can appreciate.

With that being said and customer service always being our number one priority, I am proud to announce the promotion of two of our long-term employees to positions that will only enhance that experience across all of our properties. The important thing to remember with all of our golf staff is continuity. We will all be touching each of the properties and bringing what we do best to each of them.


We're excited to announce he is the new Head Golf Professional at Ballamor GC. Sean started with Ottinger Golf back in 2009 and is going into his 11th season with the company.  He began his journey as an Assistant Golf Professional at Scotland Run GC, then moved to Atlantic City CC to be the 1st Assistant Professional.  He is the first person to hit the trifecta of working at all three clubs with the company. He will be working on establishing a number of new member games and activities started at Ballamor GC this year.

He is the new Head Golf Professional at Scotland Run GC. Brian started with the company as an outside staff member in 2011. He quickly became a full time staff member as an Assistant Golf Professional by 2012. Through the years Brian worked his way up the ranks and is now proud to represent his home club as its Head Golf Professional. Brian grew up in the area graduating from Washington Township so he has strong roots to the community and strong ties with a majority of the members at the club. He is the captain of the Ottinger Golf PGA Junior League Teams.


Remains the steadying force at Atlantic City CC. Barry is a Class A PGA Golf Professional since 2007 and has been in the golf business since 1993, Barry has been with the company since the purchase of Ballamor in 2009 where he was the PGA Head Golf Professional and has been a huge asset in every aspect of the golf operations for Ottinger Golf. In 2016 Barry became the PGA Head Golf Professional at Atlantic City CC where he oversees the golf shop and outside staff, organizes all golf outings, orders all golf shop merchandise for all three properties and so much more. 



Lindsay Conner
Jeff Poppel
Thomas Evans
Jim Sheridan
Evan McNulty
John Ward
Michael Torrissi
Anthony Casale
John Baccari
John Chen
Glenford Cunningham
Rick Murrel III
Jeff Edmiston
Fred Callueng
San Sisombath
Brian Mazzoni
Augustine Altieri
Michael Kelly
Norman Tomasello
James Donofrio
Sengchanh Sengvoravong
Vong Doan
Anthony Mattera
Bill Ho
Jon Shadinger
Ken Tokolish
Jared Cocca
Joe Calio
Joseph Smith
Mark Mullen
Blagoj Vangelov
Patrick Devine
Daniel Hershberger
Gregory McIlvain
Bill Flemming
Steven Brand
Mark Munding
Daniel Dunlap
Frank Rich
Nick Mull
Christian Durbin
Harold Oertell
Stephen Hamilton
William Burstein
Jeffrey Hager
Steven Mortelliti
Jake Klever
Josh Fisher
Peter Martin
Domenic Coletta
Andrew Roberts
Eric Kuminka
Steven Randall
Michael Dilliplane
Stephen Waterbury
Michael Serock
Mr. & Mrs. 
Marty Graser
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Willhide
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Dalessandro
Mr. & Mrs. Donald Mattson
Mr. & Mrs. John Clark
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Fisher
Mr. & Mrs. Rick Gold



We continue to expand our food and beverage offerings and are always looking to add fun events because let’s face it, who doesn’t like to eat and drink?! First, we are proud to announce that we have added Casaldi’s Cucina to the family. Casaldi’s is a fantastic Italian restaurant located in Central Square in Linwood that is open for dinner seven days a week Memorial Day to Labor Day, and four days a week in the winter, open Wednesday – Saturday. It is also a great location for small banquet parties any day during lunch or for dinner on the days they are not open for a la carte business.  


As a reminder, all Full, 6-day, Weekday, Young Pro, Dual and Single members receive 15% off food in the Taproom Bar and Grille at Atlantic City Country Club and the Highlander Pub and Grill at Scotland Run Golf Club when charging to your member account. That same benefit will be extended to you at Casaldi’s Cucina, so make sure to take advantage of that and try out some incredible Italian affair!

We would also like to take this time to announce a few changes to the culinary staff. Executive Chef Mike Balog is now overseeing all food and beverage operations for Ottinger Golf in an effort to bring consistency in our food quality and offerings across all the properties. 

The culinary staff that supports him includes:

Taproom Bar & Grille
Chef: Josephine Munizza
Manager: Ashley Weir

Atlantic City CC 
Weddings & Banquets

Chef: Devin Courtney
Manager: Paul Williams

Highlander Pub & Grill 
Chef: Mike Volpe
Manager: Jeff Mastrangelo 

Scotland Run GC 
Weddings & Banquets

Chef: Laszlo Friedman
Manager: Helen Mitchell

Lastly, off-season winter hours remain in effect through March. The restaurants are open from 11am Tuesday thru Saturday for lunch and dinner. Both restaurants close after brunch/lunch on Sunday and remain closed on Monday. Regular hours of operation return in April with both restaurants open for lunch and dinner 7 days.


We have many different events going on in March and April.
Click any link below for more information about these events:

SR Live Entertainment — March 6, 13, 17, 20, 27
ACCC St. Patrick’s Day in Club 1897 — March 17
SR St. Patrick’s Day — March 17
ACCC Cooking Class — March 19
ACCC Orin Swift Wine Dinner — March 27
ACCC Palm Sunday Brunch — April 5
SR Palm Sunday Brunch — April 5
ACCC Easter Brunch — April 12
SR Easter Brunch and Dinner — April 12

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