November Newsletter


Membership renewal has begun for Ballamor and Scotland Run Dual Members. If you missed the renewal email or mailed letter, as a reminder, we are offering an additional $250 in savings if paid by November 15th. Don’t worry, we will still offer any existing member a significant savings up until February 28th for $4,500 + tax. This is just our way of saying thanks to anyone who is willing to lock in for 2022.

For Atlantic City CC, we will begin the process of taking applications this Friday, November 12. If you were on the list to be a member of Atlantic City CC next year, you have already received a separate email with information on this. As a reminder, current members are guaranteed to be able to join, so long as the deposit is paid and the Membership Documents are executed by Friday, November 26.

After that date, we will begin the sign-up process for non-members on the waitlist. If you miss the deadline, it doesn’t mean you are necessarily out, but once we get to 350 members, we will not be accepting anymore applications. We are not trying to pressure anyone, we just want to be clear of exactly how we are approaching the sign-up process.

With the formalities out of the way, let’s talk about what’s left to this golf season which is hopefully plenty of nice days ahead of us. Our winter projects are beginning, and we will keep you posted on all the progress in the Superintendent’s section.

We have one last member event planned on Thanksgiving weekend, but if it’s starting to get too cold for you or if you prefer playing after dark, check out the event section for info on our simulator leagues and events. It’s always sunny and 70 at Club 1897 and Scotland Run’s Highlander Pub & Grill. Please do not hesitate to ask anyone on our professional staff about indoor instruction, club fittings, or renting the room for your own parties.

As always, my door is always open to discuss anything.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf



It may be November, but the season is not over yet! We have one more event scheduled at Atlantic City CC. The Birth of the Birdie Bowl on Saturday November 28. Make sure to SIGN UP NOW. Gobble Gobble!


Our Fall Simulator League also gets underway this month. As the clocks have changed and the temps begin to drop, there is no better way to stay sharp than with the ever popular Sim League. It’s not too late to sign-up with the league schedule to begin next week! SIGN UP NOW!


Kudos to the membership for answering the bell and showing up in spades for Scotland Run’s Member-Guest. We wanted to give everyone a true taste of match play member guest and it was unbelievable.  There were three 6-hole matches to determine flight winners and who advanced to the shoot-out on #9.

The setting was perfect, we had seventeen 2-man teams face off on the iconic par three for an alternate shot shootout. That’s Right! SEVENTEEN teams, thirty-four golfers all on the same hole. Chaos that made for great theater. It felt like nobody left early and the crowd surrounding the green did its part in building the drama.

It took four times to play the hole and ultimately we still needed a chip-off to determine our 2021 Champions.

Congratulations to the victors, flight winners and everyone that came out to support the event!

Congratulations to the Member-Guest Shootout winners Joe Konrad & guest Chris Klem (pictured left) edging out Dan Long & guest Kevin O’Brien together with our esteemed Golf Professional, Brian Hecker


Every year the Ryder Cup at Atlantic City CC has a way of adding to the history of the Club. Whether it was the now infamous up-and-down out of the lake on #10 courtesy of Dennis Mullen and Tony Jones, or the Fraser brothers going head-to-head, or maybe even Dan Kahn getting shellacked as captain. Whichever the case, it has given the club even more stories to tell.

This year was no different. We chose longtime childhood friends as our Captains, Matt “Boo” Johnson and Nick “All Heart” Rosetti. We know on the surface that they are good friends, but make no mistake, this was anything but friendly.


It was a chilly October 17th as the morning came the players started arriving at 7am to prepare for a long day at ACCC for the 191st Men’s Ryder Cup at ACCC.

Round 1 began at 8:30 with the team better ball format. TEAM BOO took the early
lead 9.5-7.5.

Round 2 began at 10:30 with the team alternate shot format. TEAM BOO increased their lead by winning 10-7 making the match score 19.5 to 14.5, a handsome lead going into the final round.

Round 3 began at 1:30 with the single matches format. Captain Rosetti grabbed the microphone and gave the speech of all speeches before the teams headed out for the final round. 

EPIC COMEBACK FOLKS! With 34 single matches to play, Team Rosetti finished strong and spanked Team Boo 21.5 to 12.5 in round three.

Final Score: Team Rosetti (7.5+7+21.5) = 36 vs Team Boo (9.5+10+12.5) = 32

Never Give Up! The epic story of the 2021 Ryder Cup at Atlantic City CC.


Our annual Bonus Bucks sale is back this year on the weekend of December 4th and 5th. As in year’s past, for every $100 you spend in gift cards, you will receive $20 in Bonus Bucks which can be used on carts, guests, fees, pro shop merchandise or food & beverage. The one change this year is we will not be accepting gift cards as payment for membership. But if you plan on spending on carts, guests merchandise or food, you might as well take advantage of the 20% bonus!


The parking lot renovations are in full force. The golf course and golf shop will remain open every day, but all Members and Guests must park in the main parking lot. Half of the parking lot nearest the putting green where you are accustomed to parking is not accessible. You will have to walk either thru the front entrance of the building or thru the grounds maintenance area and alone the sidewalk/cart path near the putting green to access the golf course and golf shop. We urge you to keep your clubs in our bag room whenever possible to make it easier for you.




Boy, this golf season has just flown by and I hope that all our readers have had a great golfing year!

Our mission in the Grounds department includes two different philosophies; one is to make our existing product stronger to improve our conditioning. Second, but just as important, is to add value by creating something more. An example of making our product stronger, is the “vertiquake” process. We have begun our yearly process of vertiquaking our tees and fairways.  You will notice “slits” in our tees and fairways where we create these thin channels that go down into the soil about 6-10 inches that help remove compaction in the soil as well as create better drainage in the playing areas.  This is a great process because it allows the course to remain very playable while we accomplish this task.

Mark Beaumont – Atlantic City GC Superintendent

#1 middle tee box set to be renovated this winter


We also plan to add more value to property in the coming months as well. We have broken ground on the new Short Range practice area with our goal to have it ready by early next summer. We also plan on improving cart paths, working on drainage, and rebuilding a couple tee complexes. One tee in particular has my attention. I want to rebuild the first tee that the red and gold markers sit on.  If you have played from that tee you may have noticed that it’s not very flat. I want to flatten the tee and increase the overall tee size and in order to accomplish this we will have to create a temporary “winter tee” to use the during this offseason.

We have many, many other projects on the “docket,” but I would prefer not to discuss now. The only reason why would be that good old Mother Nature will have the final say on we can, and what we cannot get accomplished in the off season. But rest assured we will try. Thanks for a great season, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Mark Beaumont – Atlantic City GC Superintendent

#1 middle tee box set to be renovated this winter


November means Frost delays are here. Trust me when I tell you we hate frost delays more than you do. They are an inconvenience to everyone, but holding all golfers from teeing off until the frost lifts is protecting the course. During the winter months, any damage the course incurs will be there until the following spring. Keep in mind all we want to do is provide our members with the best possible golfing conditions during the entire year.

As in the past years, we are always looking at different things to help improve the course for our golfers. Removing trees, rebuilding tees, or adding irrigation and drainage over the winter months. This winter is no different and we are looking into multiple different projects this winter and for future winters. One thing we will be focusing on is the outer edges of our property, waste areas, high grasses, and tree lines.  Cleaning the areas up are very time consuming and not just a few days process. With all the projects we have done to the main playing surfaces (tees, greens and fairways) over the past 4-5 years these areas have crept up on us and its time we reclaim them.

Jeff England – Scotland Run GC Superintendent

Reclaiming the pond edge around #12 and #13 with the plan to keep them from being overgrown throughout the season.


We had a decent size oak tree take a direct hit from a bolt of lightning. I’ve seen a lot of trees that have been struck by lightning over the years, but this was by far the worst one I’ve ever seen. The tree was located near the cart path between #1 and #18. The strike blew very large pieces of wood from the tree, some of them 6-8 feet in length and 2 inches thick. We found debris from the tree over 60 yards away on the other side of #1 fairway. If you are on the course and see lightning, please get to safety as soon as possible. It is not worth jeopardizing your safety to try and finish the round or even the hole that you are on. Stay safe and we’ll see you on the course for hopefully several more weeks (at least) with some good weather!

Scott Rose – Ballamor GC Superintendent

A victim of a violent lightning strike, this tree will not live to see 2022


As a reminder, if you haven’t stopped by the Taproom Bar & Grille to see Chef Dom yet, you are missing out. Chef Dom is 100% Italian through and through and that is enough said. While he will be changing the menu slowly over the coming weeks/months, his specials alone right now are fantastic as we continue to invest our resources into making the Taproom THE place to eat!



If you haven’t made your Thanksgiving reservation yet, there is still time! We invite you to dine with us at either Atlantic City CC or Scotland Run GC for our annual Thanksgiving Buffet!  Reminder, you will receive 15% Off as Members, so bring the entire family to join us for the feast!


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