October Newsletter


Another month in the books and we keep rolling, pun intended. I am so proud of the way this year has gone for golf and membership. Everyone has truly come together as a “family” and really collaborated to make it happen. The golf staff, both in the pro shop and outside, continue to impress me with their dedication and the attitude they bring to the clubs every day. The grounds crews at all three properties have endured some very difficult weather patterns to keep everything playable and in most cases, exceeded expectations.

YOU! The MEMBERS, have been AWESOME! To say it has been busy, would be an understatement. Without your support, none of this would be possible. We cannot thank you enough for choosing our courses to call home. I know I speak for everyone at Ottinger Golf when I say that the member experience is the most satisfying part of the job. Your patronage has not gone unnoticed. That is the biggest reason we have put together so many events this year. It is our way to say thank you for everything you do.

Before I get into the details of recent and upcoming events, I want to reiterate how important your feedback is to this process. If there was something you liked or didn’t like, please let us know. These events are for you and we only want to make them better. I think what makes us the best is our desire and effort to provide what you want. I know, I know, you cannot please everyone because like they say, “the fastest way to fail is to try and please everyone”. But that’s not me, and anyone who knows me has probably heard me say that I vehemently disagree with that statement. Just because it is impossible to please everyone, doesn’t mean you do not try.

On to the fun stuff…more events!

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


Please call the golf shop to sign-up for any event.


September was a busy month for member events! From the first annual Ottinger Cup, to the finish of the Club Championships, plus our first 1-Day Member-Guest at Atlantic City CC. Let’s recap who came out on top.

Congratulations to the 1-Day Member-Guest shootout winners at Atlantic City CC, Dominic Frederico, Frankie Frederico, Kevin Frayne and Jeff Newman! Also, congratulations to the 1st Place Net team of Nick Brown, Tim Irons, Damon Brown and Michael McComb, as well as the 1st Gross Team of Jon Shadinger, Gregory Maxwell, Stephen Barry and Andy Kerestesy.

The shootout at the 1-Day Member-Guest at Atlantic City CC on September 27.

This story would simply not be complete with just listing the winners. We would be remiss if we didn’t mention the “PUTT HEARD ‘ROUND THE WORLD”. Shootouts are notorious for bringing out the worst golf in all of us. With everything on the line, all the money, the accolades, the friendships...Everything!!! This member chose to rush a perceived tap in (18”) on the 13th hole. WIDE LEFT! Reminiscent of Norwood in the Super Bowl. This game can humble even the loudest among us. Thank you Pat Christopher for being such a good sport about it and allowing us to poke fun at you at your worst.


The Ottinger Cup: Team Atlantic City vs Team Scotland Run

Congratulations to Team Atlantic City CC for their victory over Team Scotland Run GC in the First Annual Ottinger Cup. Team Atlantic City CC rushed out to an early lead at their home course in the first series of matches but Team Scotland Run GC couldn’t pull off the comeback on their home turf. Our plan next year is to grow the teams and have one match in the spring and one match in the fall with each course hosting once, just like the Ryder Cup alternates their location.


The Ryder Cup: Team Hecker vs Team Gary

Congratulations to Team Hecker for triumphing over Team Gary in the Scotland Run Ryder Cup. This event turned out to be a doozy as it came down to a playoff hole with both full teams out watching, talk about pressure! There may have been a shank involved, we won’t say who, but another fantastic event and excellent ending! (Hey Pat Arnotte, the camera is straight ahead….)


Congratulations to Club Champion, Justin Elwell and all Flight Winners of this years’ Scotland Run Golf Club Championships.

A Flight – Tom Verchio
B Flight – Justin Ondrejka
C Flight – Tim Murray


Please welcome all of our new members who have joined us over the last month. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in the member events!



It’s the holiday season for Superintendents! I always look forward to late September and October. This is the time of year when, at least it feels this way, everything we touch turns to gold. I know that’s not true, but this is the best time of the year to fertilize, seed, and aerify.

Over the last two weeks we’ve aerified the tees, greens and fairways - glad that’s over with. Now, and for the next four to five weeks, we will try to incorporate seed and fertilizer throughout the property. This is the perfect time of the year to establish new turf without the fear of it dying from the heat, or drought stress.

What I really love about right now is the challenge of incorporating “better” seed onto our property. Our playing areas such as the greens, tees, and fairways are a “hodgepodge” (that’s a technical term) of all kinds of grass types. What we try to do this time of year is to put as much bent-grass seed into our playing areas as possible. If we establish more bentgrass in these playing areas, we can cut our grass lower and we can water less to create a firmer playing surface. The more bent-grass we have the less inputs we will need to use, such as pesticides and fertilizers, which in turn allows our team to do other things to provide a better product.

So, besides our grass cutting, rolling, bunker raking, and changing of cups, we are in the process of putting “Humpty Dumpty” back together again after a long season of play and traffic to make it stronger and better for next season and beyond!

-Mark Beaumont, Superintendent Atlantic City CC


Besides the Upcoming Events list on the front page, we are also excited to announce the return of the simulator leagues at Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC!

The Fall Sim League at Scotland Run GC will begin the week of October 19 with matches scheduled Mon, Tues or Wed night at 5:30pm or 7:45pm. You will be in person playing the other team in a match play format. Season will run through the week of December 14 including playoffs.


The Ottinger Sim League at both Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC will begin one week later on October 26, but matches will not be scheduled. Like last year, you will have one weeks time to play your 9-hole round - at either location - and you can schedule them anytime during the week. Once you and your opponents turn in your scorecards, we will then determine the winners Don’t worry, we plan on having a few staff teams included in the field as we want nothing better than the chance to compete against you! Please inquire with the golf shops immediately to sign-up as we sold out both leagues last season. This is of course just session one, so if you can’t make this, don’t worry, we will have more league sessions after the holidays.



While we are still under indoor dining restrictions, we have made the decision to temporarily suspend happy hour offerings at both Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC. But don’t worry, we have all intentions of bringing it back and this will give us some time to give each of the menus a nice facelift.

One of the most challenging situations we have faced during the pandemic has been with our culinary staff. After being closed for several months and with so much uncertainty and safety on everyone’s minds, we had several staff members choose not to return. On top of that, finding new staff has been next to impossible for the same reason. But, we have finally been able to find some excellent new employees while also training some of our long-term staff into new positions. So without further adieu, we would like to announce our culinary team led under direction from our Executive Chef Mike Balog, who oversees all locations.





We will be revamping our menus at both locations and will roll out a soft opening during our annual Members Holiday Party in which we will ask for your feedback, suggestions and ideas on some of our newest dishes. More details to come but expect some exciting things ahead from the restaurants.

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