October Newsletter


All the talk lately has been about Atlantic City CC going fully private and rightfully so. We have reached our goal, and Atlantic City CC will be PRIVATE moving forward. We are working on the application now and will be sending it out by the end of the month to begin the sign-up process.

What about Ballamor? Scotland Run?? Great questions and the answer is simple. We plan on pushing forward, growing the membership, and continuing to do everything we can to make the experience even better. Our commitment to getting better applies to ALL THREE courses!

We have heard a lot of feedback on both Ballamor and Scotland Run, but please let me clear up that the Ballamor and Scotland Run memberships are still NOT finalized. We had to put something out when we announced the Private model at Atlantic City CC, and like we did with the Atlantic City CC Private offering, we will be making changes to the information we sent out. Nothing is set in stone yet.

But our goal is simple, there is PLENTY of room for both memberships to grow. Once we adjust a little to the tee time rules, there should be no problem accessing the golf courses. That is the main theme moving forward. In order for any membership to grow and be successful, there has to be fair and equal access to play. Members will still be able to book well before the public, so there really should be no issues getting tee times for everyone.

Allow me to close out by saying thank you again to all of you. I am well aware of how tough it has been on everyone. I hope you realize that we are listening to the feedback and we always will.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


Wow. September was such a great month of weather and loaded with member event activity, it came and went so quickly. It’s always the best time of year to play golf. Here’s a quick recap of all that has happened over the last month.


It was another full field event this year and an awesome shootout to decide the winner. There may or may not have been a FOUR putt involved, but we won’t say who....

Congratulations to the Shootout Winners, Members Frank Rich Jr and John Grillo with guests Frank Rich and Dave Rich.

Also, congratulations to the 1st Place Gross Winners, Members Nick Brown & Mike McComb with guests Damon Brown & Phil Maturi, as well as 1st Place Net Winners, Members Dominic Frederico & Frankie Frederico with guests Kevin Frayne & William Moppert.


Congratulations to Steve Mortelliti & Richard Rehmann defeating Doug Fraser & Frankie Frederico in the Finals.


Last month we mentioned most of the flight winners, but there was one that had yet to be finished, and we wanted to fill in the blank and give another shoutout to all the winners.

Andrew Wallace defeated Billy Driscoll | Erin DiDonato defeated Tracey DiDonato

MEN'S NET (White Tees)

Div A | Andrew Tofolo defeated Matt Matalucci
Div B | Angelo Playo defeated Frank Torrissi
Div C | Chris Deery defeated Aaron Campione
Div D | Tim Senesac defeated Christian Mortellite


Div A | Bill Fawley defeated Jim Fraser
Div B | Micharl Torrissi Sr defeated Guy Hackney


What a great event, like schoolyard kickball with captains picking teams, hopefully nobody was embarrassed by being picked last!

Congratulations to Team Sarin defeating Team Moule 26 to 18.


The league is absolutely fantastic with a full summer’s worth of competition every Monday and Wednesday night, but it all leads to one winner at the end. Thank you to the 44 teams that filled the league this year, and if you have not participated in the league before, make sure to inquire now to get in for next season.

Congratulations to Nick Mull & Evan Stuhltrager for winning the Wednesday Night Division and the Tournament of Champions for the overall Scotland Run 2021 Member’s League.

Congratulations to Adam Sokoloff & Dave Gallagher for winning the Monday Night Division.


Bill Moule (right) defeated Nick Mull

Div A | Tom Verchio Jr. defeated George Barbin Jr.
Div B | Tony Verchio defeated Keith Baldosaro
Div C | Pete Marucci defeated Guy Powers


Lastly, we want to say thank you to all the members that signed up for the Member-Guest this year. We asked, and you guys answered the call with a full field event of 128 players this Thursday and Friday. Food, booze and a little golf, all with some great friends and we can’t wait to share the experience with you. See you all on Thursday!



You might have noticed that 18th greenside bunkers looked extra sharp this past month. That is because Scott Rose and his maintenance crew planted Zoysia sod around the bunker edges. They will be continuing that process throughout the golf course this off- season, but the challenge with Zoysia as a warm weather grass is that it can only be sodded in the summer. We will take advantage of the off-season as much as possible by stripping and prepping the bunker edges, but will have to wait until the sod is in growing season before we can lay it down. We also plan on adding as much bunker sand as we can get our hands on to provide more consistency in the bunkers.

The finished product will be well worth the wait...

But you will likely have to deal with the bunker edges being prepped throughout the spring.


As with anything, irrigation systems have a life expectancy and we are nearing the end of that at Scotland Run. Last winter, we sent out our current irrigation pumps to get repaired to get through the 2021 season. We are thrilled to announce the next step is a new pump station will be installed at Scotland Run this upcoming winter, part of a complete irrigation system replacement anticipated to begin in the winter of 2022. This is a HUGE project that will have the golf course under construction through much of next winter, but will pay immediate dividends to course conditions with the ability to control water usage to every specific area of the golf course.

Pumps were repaired last year, but this winter we are replacing the entire pump station including brand new pumps, part of a full course irrigation replacement for 2022!


We already mentioned the projects we have upcoming over the winter including the NEW Short Range for practicing shots under 100 yards and the new parking lot. The parking lot is going to be a major overhaul that will require some communication as to how to access

the club. When we get started in November, we will refer you to the website or our social media pages for updates on progress and where to enter the parking lot as there will be times you will have to access the club from Hemsley Rd. We will of course remain open for business while the parking lot renovations are underway.

Additionally, we have heard the feedback from you through the private membership survey. From the bunkers to cart paths, and both the ladies and men’s locker rooms/bathrooms, we plan on addressing all of it. We will let you know our plans over the coming years as we look to upgrade and enhance Atlantic City CC.


We want to thank all of our staff for a wonderful season on the patios at both the Taproom Bar & Grille and the Highlander Pub & Grill. Everyone knows the COVID effect, but with food costs rising like we have never seen before and staff very thin and pushed to the limit, we certainly had our highs and our lows. But we persevered through what was no doubt the hardest season yet.

Beginning in October, both restaurants will be closed on Mondays giving our staff some much needed time off. We are also happy to announce a new addition to the culinary team. Our current Ottinger Golf Executive Chef, Mike Balog, has brought on Executive Chef Dominic Rizzo who has hit the ground running at the Taproom Bar & Grille at Atlantic City CC. You may already know Dominic who ran his own restaurant, Domenico’s in Ventnor. We are thrilled to have him as part of the team, as Chef Dom is 100% Italian and we can’t wait for him to put his twist on what will be a new menu at Atlantic City CC.

Make sure to stop by in the coming weeks and months as Chef Dom will be putting out daily specials as we look for member feedback on new and exciting dishes. We hope to see you soon!



Thanksgiving is near and we want to invite you to dine with us at either Atlantic City CC or Scotland Run GC. We will be hosting our annual Thanksgiving Buffet as always, but we will also have Thanksgiving To Go available to feed the entire family. A reminder that you will receive 15% OFF as Members, so bring the entire family to join us for the feast!


Every Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 9pm, join us at Scotland Run GC for live entertainment. Check out this month’s line-up.


Friday, October 8: Tommy D
Saturday, October 9: Jay Gentile
Friday, October 15: Mike Wilson
Saturday, October 16: TBA
Friday, October 22: Non-Domestiks
Saturday, October 23: Vic Rubino
Friday, October 29: Jay Gentile
Saturday, October 30: TBA

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