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…and just like that, the hot steamy summer months are behind us. That’s not to say the season is over, it most certainly is not. We all know the fall season continues to extend later and later and that just means we have plenty of great golf days coming up with a lot of fun member events. Fall is simply the best time of the year for golf and we can’t wait to take advantage of that.  

Fall also means aerification and this year more than any other year, it is vital for us to perform long-term maintenance such as aerification. Most of us have played more golf this year than ever before, because let’s face it - what else was there to do? We didn’t travel, we didn’t go to the office (shhh, we won’t tell!), we weren’t allowed to do anything indoors, we simply played golf, a lot!  So please give a big shoutout to the course superintendents next time you see them, for they had one hell of a summer! With the hottest July on record and more summer rounds than ever before, it’s no wonder they’ve been a little on edge!  But all kidding aside, they have once again done a fantastic job for us and we wouldn’t be here without them.

Check out the Superintendent’s Corner for more golf course ‘need-to-knows’.


Another month of great member events and the end of some season long competitions. We had the Member-Member Red, White & Black at Ballamor GC, the Club Championships at both Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC, as well as the conclusion of the summer-long Members League at Scotland Run GC.

The Club Championships have yet to be decided, but only a few remain in the match play competition. Those matches will be decided over the next few weeks, as well as the season long Leo Fraser4-Ball at Atlantic City CC.  Plus, make sure you check out and signup for these awesome upcoming events:


Congratulations to Joe Troilo and Frank Frederico for winning the Member-Member Red, White & Black at Ballamor GC.

Congratulations to the Father-Son combo of George Barbin, Jr and George Barbin III for winning the 2020 Member League at Scotland Run GC.

Also, Congratulations to the other Flight winners of the League as well: Dave Yarnall & Nick Nardo, Tim Tullio & Don Godwin, and Evan Stuhltrager & Steve Whitaker. 


Please welcome all of our new members who have joined us over the last month. We look forward to seeing you on the course and playing in the member events!



We will be aerifying the greens at each of the three courses as follows:

Scotland Run GC - Completed August 31 & September 1

Ballamor GC - Tuesday, September 7 & Wednesday, September 8

Atlantic City CC - Monday, September 14 & Tuesday, September 15



I’m out on the course the other day, a very typical afternoon, I’m looking for areas of stress and what might need our attention tomorrow. As I’m doing this, a member catches my eye from a couple fairways away, casually waving in my direction. I display the same behavior that I would if an attractive woman were to do the same thing in the grocery store. I look behind myself to see who this member is trying to get the attention of, can’t be me? There is no one behind me! Then I sheepishly point to myself as if to ask “me??” He nods in approval. I travel across the 7th fairway wondering what is this gentleman going to say to me?

What I encountered was the picture above. He asked me for a ruling. I gave him my standard ruling as a superintendent. “Free drop.” But the point of my ramble is that we have a number of areas around our bunkers that have worn away over time. Our bunker machines in many cases can only enter and exit in certain parts of every “trap.” These areas, “entrance points and exit points” will eventually deteriorate and need to be addressed. My goal is to identify as many areas like this as possible and repair them with sod this fall.

In the meantime, please bear with us as we head into aerification. Before you know it, the course will be as good as ever!

-Mark Beaumont, Superintendent Atlantic City CC


First and foremost, thank you! Removing hundreds of trees and establishing grass in those areas, while being open for play, can take a long time. Your patience was unmatched. 

Two winters ago we removed the trees, then before we knew it summer came and we took cake of the golf course. Last winter we added irragation in those areas (we didnt have to water the woods before), then summer came again, and again - we took care of the golf course. Now as we head into the fall, this is the time to finally begin the project for fescue. We have sprayed these areas with a non-selective herbicide to remove all the unwanted grass varieties. We will make one more application in these areas, then till up the soil and start the seeding process. It is vital we keep all cart traffic out of these areas for the remainder of the fall. The areas will be played as ground under repair and will be roped off to keep carts from entering.

Also, something I know everyone has seen on the course are the fans on #6 and #14 greens. The fans go hand and hand with everything we have been doing over the past years with removing trees to create more sunlight and airflow around the course. The fans have been added to help keep air circulating around these pocketed greens. During the hot, humid summer months these fans will keep the air moving and grass happier. There is University research that says adding fans to a greens complex will reduce the canopy temps 6-12 degrees. An example of what the grass is feeling with the fans running is very similar to what you as a golfer feels when you are riding in a cart with a little breeze compared to standing on the tee box sweating while waiting to hit you shot.

-Jeff England, Superintendent Scotland Run GC


We have been given the green-light (for the second time) to open for indoor dining at 25% capacity beginning this Friday, September 4th. Luckily we have the advantage of large clubhouses with several rooms so we will still be able to accommodate quite a few people. You just may be seated in areas of the building you have never been before, such as the golf shop (ok we are kidding…maybe), but regardless we promise to give you the great dining experience you have come to expect from us.

As we have said before, just a reminder to please call ahead for a reservation so we make sure to accommodate you without a wait. The restaurant industry in general is overwhelmed because of limited seating and we want to be able to get you a table without a wait.  Walk-ups, while we do accept, will undoubtedly be forced to wait until tables open up. As a member, we will always move your name to the top of the reservation list, but we just need a heads up that you are coming.

It’s that time of year! Our Holiday season planning has begun, starting with Thanksgiving. While we will certainly have to make changes to our typical Thanksgiving Buffet offerings, let this just be a reminder that if you are going to dine out for the Holidays, think of us first!


The famous Center Double Cut Pork Chop at Atlantic City CC

Surf & Turf night every Wednesday from 4pm with a new menu starting at $29.95.

Sunday Brunch every Sunday from 10am-2pm with à la carte offerings like Bananas Foster French Toast and Sirloin Steak & Eggs.

Plus we have added several new items to our daily lunch and dinner menus!

Live Entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening.


Bayshore Benedict Eggs with crabmeat and asparagus at Scotland Run GC.

Sunday Brunch is now Sunday Breakfast from 10am-2pm. The buffet is not being offered, but similar to the Taproom Bar & Grille, we are offering breakfast options à la carte including Chicken & Waffles and Crab Eggs Benedicts

Plus we have added several new items to our daily lunch and dinner menus!

Live Entertainment every Friday and Saturday evening


Chef Dino’s delicious Pappardelle Bolognese, only at Casaldi's Cucina!

Fantastic Italian offerings including the staples; Chicken Parmesan and Eggplant Lasagna plus, made-from-scratch Meatballs, Bolognese Sauce, and let’s not forget the incredible Tomato Stack!

Indoor dining will begin September 4th! Outdoor dining, take-out and curbside pickup will still be available every Wednesday thru Sunday. Check out the menu and call 609-365-8260!

Members, don’t forget you also receive 15% OFF your order when you charge to your account!

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