September Newsletter


It’s September and we have had a great season so far. Kudos to our superintendents for keeping a consistent, quality product at each of our courses. Most golfers know that we are headed into the best part of the season in September and October. We will all be aerating soon and recovered before we know it. There are still several key member events coming up, so please keep a close eye on our event section. 

Without further ado, please allow me to dive into the elephant in the room; is Atlantic City Country Club going private or will we still allow non-member play next season? If so, how does this affect everyone? These are the questions I’m sure you want answers to and we want to be able to clear up what has been a long year of ambiguity. We do not take this decision lightly at all, that is why it has taken longer than we anticipated to get to this point. Whatever we do decide, we did not want to jeopardize the experience and take any sort of step backwards. We also do not want to make any moves without getting the members’ input.

In this month of September, you will be receiving a survey asking which model you would prefer. It will outline in detail the options we are proposing. Please read it carefully and answer it honestly. We really want to be as transparent as we can so that whatever we decide, we all go forward on the same page. I can honestly say this decision has weighed on me personally and professionally. I am so proud of the membership we have built and the family feel that has returned to the club over these last several years. There is a character to the club that the Frasers created and thanks to the membership, it has returned. As long as I have an influence, that will always be a big part of the culture at Atlantic City Country Club.

If we haven’t proven it already, our dedication to constantly improving the property, from the new patio and even the new on-course bathroom both done just this year, we have started another fantastic project I believe everyone will be excited about. Construction on the NEW Short Range area adjacent to the driving range tee has begun. You will be able to hit pitch shots from 35-100 yards to a target green, because well, we all need work on that part of our game!

I say this at the close of each newsletter, but never has it been more pertinent than now. My door is always open, please reach out with any questions, issues, or concerns.

- Mike Burke, Director of Golf


It’s the ladies' turn! August was the Ladies Member Guest at Atlantic City CC, and it was easily our best ever turnout with a field of 80. The weather was great, the food was fantastic and you ladies really made it one kick-ass day. Life’s a Beach!


Congratulations to the 1st place net team of Nadine Graca + guest Bonnie Cappelluti and Gloria Viano + guest Susie Naftal!

Congratulations to the 1st place gross team of Erin DiDonato + guest Erin Petrini and Tracey DiDonato + guest Pat Dougherty!


August is also Club Championship month. All flights are underway and will finish in the month of September, but a few have already been resolved so let’s give a big shoutout to the winners.

MEN'S NET (White Tees)

Div A | Andrew Tofolo defeated Matt Matalucci
Div B | Angelo Playo defeated Frank Torrissi
Div C | Chris Deery defeated Aaron Campione
Div D | Tim Senesac defeated Christian Mortellite


Div A | TBD Jim Fraser vs Bill Fawley
Div B | Micharl Torrissi Sr defeated Guy Hackney


TBD Doug Fraser vs John Ward

Congratulations to all the winners! There are still a couple divisions undecided, as well as all divisions at Scotland Run GC. We will update the winners next month.


This is our first time going with a bigger Member-Guest format at Scotland Run with the hopes to expand to two full days in the future. But, YOU MUST sign-up this year, it’s too good of a deal! $400 for yourself and a guest includes: Thursday night golf, Friday golf plus a shootout, four meals, and booze the entire time! PLUS, every player will receive a tee gift valued at over $100 each, just for showing up. Let us be frank, we are giving this event away in the hopes you sign-up and see the value in how awesome it can be. There is a reason both Member-Guests at Atlantic City CC sell out with a waiting list every year. All members are invited to sign up for this event in the hopes we can sell it out which only makes the event that much better!

1-Day Member-Guest | Atlantic City CC 
Sunday, September 19

1.5-Day Member-Guest | Scotland Run GC
Thursday, October 7 - Friday, October 8 (Thursday Night Optional)



We will be aerifying the greens at each course on the following dates:

We will be aerifying the fairways, tees and rough areas throughout the month as well and we just ask for your patience during this important time.


Armyworms making their presence known on #16.

As golf course superintendents, we deal with pests all the time. Whether it be weeds, diseases or insects, they all can and will keep us up at night. I’ve been seeing many reports of fall Armyworms doing a lot of damage on golf course roughs in North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland. I’ve been at Ballamor for 15 years and I’ve never seen Armyworm damage…until this past week. As you can see from the picture, those little guys sure did a number on the rough to the left of #16. This damage appeared overnight. Armyworms invade an area such as this and will continue to eat until there is nothing left. We have treated the affected areas to take care of the worms but this area will most likely not recover and will require seeding which we will be doing very soon.

I would like to ask all of you for your cooperation on days that are cart path only. I assure you that we do not like it either, and we will only do it when necessary. On those days, please keep all four wheels of the carts on the path. Thank you in advance for your help.

Scott Rose – Superintendent Ballamor GC



Summer is going to wind down soon, and with that we will begin to aerify and hopefully seed areas on our property to strengthen and improve the course. Our goal is to add stronger grass varieties in the hope to provide a better experience for next season and beyond. As we begin this process here, it is also the opportunity for homeowners to do the same.

If you are not happy with how your lawn looks, the time is quickly approaching when you can address this. Here are some quick tips to improve your lawn without hiring someone to do it for you.

1. Try to spray and kill your weeds. There are a few types of weeds out there that may need specific herbicides. Broad leaf weeds like dandelion and clover are one type. Grassy weeds like crabgrass and goose grass are another. Then we have the ever-popular sedges. When purchasing herbicides, always, ALWAYS read the label thoroughly. I said always, right?

2. There may be a waiting period to seed after attempting to eradicate any weeds; again, check your labels. Now, the seeding. You want to choose the right variety of seed for your yard. Unless you are predominantly shady, a “sports mix” seed is a good choice. A sports mix seed has about 3 different varieties of seed that will excel in different environments. A sport mix will have a certain percentage of tall rescue, rye grass and Kentucky blue grass.

3. When seeding there are a few key processes. First, seed to soil contact. The seed needs to make contact with the soil to protect it and allow it to push its roots in the soil. It needs water to imbibe and germinate.

4. Once it does germinate, you can fertilize (again read your label). If you can find a “starter fertilizer” you are in good shape. All fertilizers should have three numbers on the bag such as 23-0-10. Those numbers mean 23% nitrogen, 0% phosphorous and 10% potassium. Good starter fertilizer has a large percentage of phosphorous. Unfortunately in New Jersey there are some restrictions with applying phosphorous so finding a good starter fertilizer may be difficult.

If you are successful in establishing your new grass over the next 8 weeks, make sure you follow up with a crabgrass preventer (pre-emergent) and with fertilizer next spring. If you have any questions, you know where to find me. Thanks, and happy seeding!

Mark Beaumont – Superintendent Atlantic City CC


Days are getting shorter! I know as a golfer that is not what you want to hear, but the course loves the shorter days and cooler temps and with the cooler temps arriving next month, that means it’s time to aerify. I know you hate to hear us say those words and I think we have drummed it into your heads plenty as to why it must be done, but I believe the changes we have made to our aerification process the last few years has led to a much better product for us this summer. As a superintendent, that gets me excited to do it all over again as I know it’s only going to continue to strengthen the golf course for you to enjoy.

We are tentatively scheduled for Monday and Tuesday, August 30-31, weather permitting. Hopefully with a ittle luck like last year, we will have some nice cooler temperatures right after which will get those greens healed up within 7-10 days. I hope you are all enjoying the summer and keep on swinging!

Jeff England – Superintendent Scotland Run GC



We have some VERY exciting news in the works for the Taproom Bar & Grille at Atlantic City CC. A new chef has joined the team who had his own very successful restaurant right in Ventnor. He will be joining us in September, and starting immediately, we will be trying out new dishes to showcase his skills. We will make a separate announcement in September once it is official.


September is the BEST month for outdoor seating so make sure to take advantage before it’s gone, as the weather is always fantastic and that quickly goes away once we roll into October.


Thanksgiving is on the horizon. We will be announcing our Thanksgiving plans later this month so be on the lookout for that, and as always, remember us if you are hosting this year... aka... let us host for you!


Every Friday and Saturday from 6pm - 9pm, join us on the back patios of Atlantic City CC and Scotland Run GC for live entertainment. Check out this month’s line-ups below.


Friday, September 3: Mike Wilson
Saturday, September 4: Vic Rubino
Friday, September 10: Bob Anderson
Saturday, September 11: Jay Gentile
Friday, September 17: Beatle Bob
Saturday, September 18: Non Domestiks
Friday, September 24: Tommy D
Saturday, September 25: Jay Gentile


Friday, September 3: Big Daddy Duo
Saturday, September 4: My Two Cents
Friday, September 10: Destiny Monroe
Saturday, September 11: Tommy D
Friday, September 17: Big Daddy Duo
Saturday, September 18: Double Driven
Friday, September 24: Shaun LaBoy
Saturday, September 25: Big Daddy Duo


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