Membership Application Terms and Conditions

  1. The Applicant hereby applies for membership at the Ottinger Golf Group family of courses (hereinafter referred to as the “OGG”). The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions as defined herein, and as amended from time to time, in the sole discretion of the OGG. The Applicant understands that all fees and charges applicable to membership are subject to change. Membership privileges may be terminated for failure to abide by membership conditions.
  2. This Application will not be acted upon unless fully completed, initialed, signed and paid in full. Membership is limited in availability and is contingent upon approval of the OGG’s sole and absolute discretion. Applicants who comply with the requirements hereof shall be notified by the OGG of action taken by the OGG on this Application. It is agreed that if this Application is not acted upon favorably, or if membership quotas are filled, all funds deposited herewith shall be refunded immediately without interest and this Application shall become null and void.
  3. The Term of each and every membership is one twelve (12) month period, beginning on March 1 and ending on February 28 of the following year. At the end of the Term, the membership shall expire and the OGG shall have no obligation to offer any extension or renewal; and thus, The Applicant understands that membership in the OGG and privileges to use the OGG facilities shall be terminated. At the OGG’s sole discretion, membership renewal for a successive Term will be first offered to the current Members, subject to expiration at a date and time provided by the OGG; thereafter, the OGG shall accept applications from new-members.
  4. The Applicant acknowledges and agrees to be jointly and severally responsible for any and all damages as may be incurred by authorized family members and guests. The Applicant further acknowledges that use of the OGG’s facilities, services and privileges related to membership is voluntary and is undertaken with knowledge of the risk of possible injury. The Applicant hereby accepts any and all risk of injury to the member, family members and guests sustained while using the OGG’s facilities, services and privileges related to membership. In accepting this risk of injury, the Applicant understands that he or she is relieving the OGG and those employed by or affiliated with the OGG from any and all claims, damages, losses and expenses, including attorney’s fees, arising out of or resulting from using the OGG’s facilities, services and privileges related to membership.
  5. The Applicant acknowledges that membership in the OGG is not an investment in the OGG, nor does it provide an equity or ownership in the OGG’s facilities, which are owned solely by the OGG. Membership in the OGG does not confer upon the Applicant a vested or prescriptive right or easement to the OGG’s facilities. The Applicant understands that a member has no right to vote or otherwise become involved in the management of the OGG. Members are not subject to any liability or assessment for the costs and expenses of ownership or management of the OGG or its facilities. The OGG reserves the right to restrict or to otherwise reserve the OGG facilities for maintenance, tournament play and other events from time to time.
Ottinger Golf Group
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